HD4870 Problem


AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
ASUS M4A78-E (790GX)
4GB Kingston DDR2 800Mhz
Windows 7 Ultimate

Playing Undercover on below setting
Res: 1024 X 768
Detail: Max (High)
V-Sync: OFF
Anti-Aliasing: 6X

The FRAPS count
Min FPS: 24
Average FPS: Between 26-32
Max FPS: 60 (Few times it hit such FPS)

Making Anti-Aliasing 2X improve + 5 FPS.

isn't it bad performance for such system ???????
Is it because I play DX9 game on windows 7 (DX11)?
Playing DX9 games on windows 7 means playing it on DX11?
Help confused by this performance.

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  1. Quote:
    Yeah its horrible. Summin must be wrong. Have you checked your temps?. Is the card running on unstable clocks???

    Card is running on normal Clock.

    My GPU temp is around 85 C under load
    CPU Temp is around 40 C & My MB Temp is around 60 C.

    Is it possible that my PSU (500W VIP GOLD Non-Active PFC) is not able to deliver enough power.

  2. Quote:
    nope your 500W PSU is nuff. But 85C load is a damn high temp dude. Try to uninstall all of your drivers. Clean your card since it may be full of dust. And then install the latest drivers and report back after trying sum games.


    My 3DMark06 Score on 1024 X 768 @ default setting is 15917.
    is it normal?

  3. have you tried your computer with other games such as crysis or far cry 2 ?
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