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January 21, 2013 4:53:46 AM

Hello, i overclocked my GTX680 but i stumbled upon some isuess and i wanted to ask advice from people who know much more than me about this. So this is my VGA The first thing, i saw in multiple videos for overclocking almost the same VGA, that the power target there was limited to 132%, while mine is limited to 125%? Why is that, and will it affect my overclocking dramatically? The other question is, i saw how much people crancked up the gpu up to 80 with 500 memory clock running it stable, but in my case i can barely get it to 50, with 500 memory and 125% power target without the game crashing in like an hour of playing. Is my VGA limited or i am doing something wrong, because in many videos i saw the 680GTX VGA can easily go beyond 1200, while mine stays stable only at 1175.
Here is a screenshot of my benchmark test and the evga tool, while OC'ed.
Thank you for your time and sorry for my horrible english! =)

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