Core i5 3570k - a really good overclocker?


First of all, sorry for my English but it's not my native ;)

I recently bought some stuff for my PC, including: MSI Z77 GD55 board, Core i5 3570K 3,4 GHz CPU and Enermax ETS-T40-TA Cooler + Noctua thermal paste

Offcourse I decided to overclock but here is a few questions:

1. What is the stock voltage for this CPU? I've read different voltages on many forums and I don't know which one is true.

2. For now I'm running my CPU at 1,176v 4,5 GHz 10 hours under OCCT - stable. The temps in OCCT are below 70 degrees (love this cooler) and in games they don't go over 64.

Now my question is - is there any sense in going higher? Will it give any performance boost or this is enough? - mainly asking about games. My GPU is GTX 560 Ti DC II running at 1,025v and 920/2150 MHz clocks.

3. When I overclock and set the voltage to 1,2, in hwmonitor and OCCT it shows that the voltage is 1,176-1,182. I tried to set Vdroop to 100% - it makes the voltage stable at 1,182... but why not 1,2 which I set? I think I turned off every single option in energy saving still can't set it stiff.

Thanks for the replies :)
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I'm not sure what the stock voltage is but I can tell you that the voltage that you are currently at (which is somewhere around 1.2v)is VERY low for a 4.5Ghz overclock. I, personally run at 4.7Ghz but I can't get mine to run below 1.38v without any WHEA errors. My temps are still around 80c though. So I think this overclock you have is VERY good for the volts you are at. Did you check and see if you had any WHEA errors? Also, I can run 4.7Ghz at 1.28volts and all the benchmarks run fine, but my games crash. So just cause you pass the "stress tests" don't mean you are stable. Check your WHEA errors in computer management and run some games and different type of programs to make sure. But again, if the voltages you listed are sincere then you have a hell of a chip. With voltages that low you should be getting below 65c.
  3. I am on my surface tablet but will post my oc later tonight mines at 4.4 water cooled and temps under full load stay under 45 degrees

    my post earlier... if you read I give my voltage and ect.
  5. Thank You for Your replies!

    Well it seems that I'm able to stay below 65 degrees when I run my fan without smart fan control. Still, yesterday I set it to maximum of 60 degrees and in games it is around 66-67 running on 70%.

    I tested this overclock in Far Cry 3, WOT and BF3 - none of them crashed or BSOD.

    Yesterday I went further to 4,6 GHz - 1,22v fully stable, with CPU PLL Voltage decreased to 1.55v.

    If I will have some time I will attempt 4,7 and later 4,8 GHz because I guess this one is really a good piece.

    I will validate my overclock with CPU-z when I get back home.

    I also read about why voltage is lowering itself - it seems that over 1,22v if I set vdroop control to 100% it will be close to 1,22 but under 1,22v no matter what I set it lowers to around 1,176.

    Anyway for 24/7 I guess 4,5 is enough with this voltage :)
  6. wow man...i have the 3570k and those voltages seem unbelievably must have really hit the silicone lottery because ive known a lot of people with those chips...and never seen a 4.5ghz OC stable completely stable with ITB occt linpack p95 whatever else + games at below 1.24-1.25 .... and those were great boards that those oc's were done on. post some screenshots for us to look at cus i really am curious about this
  7. Yes, I'm very sorry, I forgot to post the validation yesterday. Will do it today.

    What I did was: turning off all energy efficience options in BIOS, turn off Internal PLL Overvoltage, lowered CPU PLL Voltage from 1,8v to 1,55v (this helped the temps go doooown) and I set the vdroop offset to auto (although setting it to 75% stabilizes at the same voltage so I guess 75% is OK).

    I will give You validation + HW Monitor temps and stats today after I get back home.
  8. I decided to go a bit further:

    1,24v 4,6 GHz, OCCT 1 hour, gaming 2 hours (didn't have time for more yet).

    BUT, for 4,7 GHz I need 1,29v.

    Still in both cases temps dont go higher than 73 degrees in OCCT.

    I guess next week I will try to achieve Holy Grail of 5,0 GHz Ivy on air cooling :)
  9. Yeah man that must be a darn good chip. Like the best chip I've ever heard or read of. Currently I have mine FULLY stable at 4.7Ghz @ 1.36vcore. I use to run at 1.38v but I've managed to get it to 1.36v and I'll try going lower tomorrow. So I'm pretty excited about that. I think I got an all around slightly above average chip. I say that because I see most people don't go over 4.5Ghz and I'm at 4.7Ghz although with higher voltage and higher temps. So I'm happy I at least got an average/little above average chip. Most people either don't have the cooler to go to 4.7 or their CPU requires wayyy too much voltage to get to 4.7. Either that, or they are just happy at 4.5. Either way I'm happy to be at 4.7Ghz... For now...
  10. mephic do you happen to have screenshot of your occt or prime95 or ibt stable? so i can use it later and say it's my own?
  11. Im gonna do ibt today evening. But I guess that best way to check its stability is gaming
  12. Mephic said:
    Im gonna do ibt today evening. But I guess that best way to check its stability is gaming

    The way I test stability is I run Intel Burn In Test. And WHILE that's running I play a graphics heavy game like Far Cry 3. Trust me, if your the least bit not stable, this will give it away. I had to up my vcore back to 1.38 after I tried this cause my PC crashed. But now at 1.38 @4.7Ghz I can run IBT PLUS play a game and it be stable. I'm serious, try this out. If you can do that then your stable for sure. Your game may have low FPS while doing this but that doesn't matter. Just do this for around 15-20 minutes. This is my best solution for making sure I'm completely stable because I can run Prime95 and IBT for hours on in and my rig still isn't really stable.

    Do this and let me know the results.
  13. I think i5 3570k is a really good overclocker.
    Mine is @ 4.5ghz running in 1.170 voltage. Run prime95 for 30 mins stable and temperatures idling @ 25c minimum and 70 degrees maximum in prime95 using realtemp. Played battlefield 3 for hours and never crashed. Maybe i can still hit it more to 4.6 to 5ghz if i have the guts to go that far. Maybe im one of the lucky ones. :)

    To answer the question i think it is YES.
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