Tech check for first build please

Hello everyone

I decided a couple of weeks ago that my old aspire E380 just could not pull its weight anymore. I use my PC for all the usual stuff but I am a heavy Photoshop user and things were getting a little too slow for me.

I first thought of upgrading the E380 and then had one of those moments and realised, after a ton of reading and research that these pre-built systems are a complete rip-off and what you could do to them upgrade wise was very limited.

Anyway, I have ordered the following.

Antec Sonata III Silent ATX-500w

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition

Asus M4A785-M AMD 785G Socket AM3/AM2 microATX-

XFX Radeon HD4770 PCI-E 512MB GDDR5

From the old E380 I will pull

4gb Kingston DDR2 800mhz

Hard drive

optical drive

I hope I have it covered here. please let me know if I missed something or messed up somehow. I am very excited to be creating something like this, but scared to death at the same time

The bit Im not looking forward to is the placement of all the wiring, im sure its going to take a week for that bit alone.

I have just been reading further about the Asus M4A785-M AMD and its capabilities and ended up at the following link

and from what I understand hybrid crossfire x could save me the cost of the GPU. As I stated earlier im an avid Photoshop user and I had upgraded the onboard graphics in my old Aspire E380 with a Saphire Radeon 2400 xt to help Photoshop do its thing.

At the above link I have understood that the Saphire is compatible with crossfire x.

Have I understood correctly or will I still have to fork out the money for the new GPU?

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  1. Yes you can hybrid crossfire with the 2400 XT.

    But I see you ordered a 4770, so what are you planning on doing here?

    Kind of confused...
  2. Crossfire and SLI - not as great as Nvidia / ATI will have you beleive, not all games or applications show any benefit.
  3. You could alway start by using the onboard graphics. You may not need the 4770 at all. The 4770 is a low-mid range gaming graphics card.

    For photoshop you might do better with an Athlon II x3 or x4 for the same price as the phenom X2.
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