3D- The end of Graphical advance in PC's ?

Just read this http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/crysis-cryengine-crytek-stereoscopic-3d,news-32885.html

It set alarm bells ringing, I'm worried that games will get graphically dumbed down if you like, less detail lower DX support etc.
Lots of us on here have been watching and waiting for games to advance to full DX10 support never mind DX11.
I'm just worried that all this graphical goodness will go by the wayside in the pursuit of 3D.

What do the rest of you think ? Am i worried about nothing ? Is 3D just a passing fad ?

Your thoughts please people

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  1. People have tried to implement 3-d for decades, it is not going anywhere. All that matters is if people can get it ready for mainstream which is not the case now, and probably won't be for a few years but still people try and use it as a feature to appeal to niche markets.
  2. I hope you are correct, it just seems to have more of a driving force behind it this time. Given movies are being released in 3D in numbers these days and with Nvidia playang down the DX part of the equation and pushing PhysiX and 3D Im concerned things will remain stuck at DX 9 levels of detail.
    I am assuming it would be easier to map for 3D with a less complicated detail level and as such that will just put anothet barrier in the way of advancing the quality of the experiance.
    Im kinda hoping someone who understands how the whole thing comes in on this one and can let me know if its relevant or if im right or not. it may be that its not an issue and doing the better detail levels in 3D isnt that much more work. Im pretty sure it is though.

  3. Tesselation aside, the only major advancement I see in the next few years would be Ray Tracing; Rasterization is nearing its limits.
  4. Well, with ATI now providing a way for 3d tech makers to work with their hardware, more game developers may be attracted to it but at the same time not many people have the rigth tech or would be willing to pay through the nose for it.
  5. Agreed. Lets face it: Eyefinity will have a lower market penetration the dual-card solutions, simply due to price. 3D still requires glasses/specilized equipment. Ray Tracing is expensive to compute [in terms of performance].

    I still look at Doom3, and realize how little progress we've made since 2001...lets face it, progress graphically is tapped, hence why I want focus on other areas of gameplay.
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