ASUS - Sandy Bridge Motherboards

We are now getting our first glimpse of the new ASUS Sandy Bridge motherboards...

The board that has caught my eye is the new ASUS Sabertooth P67, seen below. The "tactical jacket" is an interesting feature for a motherboard. Here is a description of the "tactical jacket"... The Tactical Jacket is a plastic piece designed to direct airflow over various onboard components. Beneath its flat exterior lies a network of channels that pipes airflow generated by a CPU cooler to auxiliary peripheral chips that would otherwise have to rely on ambient convection

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  1. Definitely a really cool design there. Assuming the directed airflow really works, I wouldn't be surprised to see more motherboards coming out like this. I mean, we don't need all those sensitive electronics parts exposed, where they risk being shorted-out or physically damaged.

    Reading through some of the article, I caught this interesting fact that may already be widely known: "Of the 17, 10 will be based on the P67 chipset, which won't work with Sandy Bridge's integrated graphics."

    So Intel creates a new processor with built-in graphics, then releases a chipset that doesn't use those graphics? I really hope they're working on their GPGPU drivers so P67 owners see some benefit from SandyBridge's GPU.
  2. looks like a nightmare to clean... gotta take all your cards out and then however the jacket comes off to dust... what a pain
  3. What's the price of these babies?
  4. Destroysall said:
    What's the price of these babies?

    According to Legit Reviews, pricing for the Sabertooth P67 is $219.
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