$1000 budget gaming / music rig.

Hey guys (and Mad Admiral...i know ur reading this.) I need to put together a nice gaming rig for about $1000. Doesn't have to be amazing, and am willing to be a little flexible with the amount (but i don't have that much money.) Most of the games i am playing aren't too intense, but i'd still like to play new games at max, or near max (i.e. Bioshock, Mass Effect, cod4).

Also, this computer will be used to store all of my band's audio recordings from practice. (i don't use it to edit much, and i use simple programs like audacity, and track aX, not Pro Tools).

Last, this is an upgrade from a souped up pent III. It doesn't take too much to amaze me.


SYSTEM USAGE MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Audio Recording, HD Video, School, Programming, General bullshitting.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

PREFERED SITES: i would prefer Tiger direct since no tax, but newegg is fine as well.


PARTS REFERENCE: Intel i5 processor, EVGA GeForce 240 SuperOverclocked, P55 motherboard, Kingwin 700 Mach 1 modular power supply, and 8GB DDR3 (but unsure what brand)

I am pretty flexible with parts, even ones i listed, however, i would like to keep with i5, and a good power supply since i will be using this computer for awhile, with only slight upgrades. (I've been using a pent 3 for god sakes.
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  1. 8GB DDR3 is useless. Geforce 240 is terrible. Core i-5 with a $1k budget isn't too smart. Kingwin 700 power supply is trash.

    Here's what you should get for $1k.

    This is a much better, higher quality build. You would be lucky to play 2008 games on max with the geforce 240.

  2. First build from the ground up, and not hiring anyone to build.

    Also, i'll be installed Windows XP SP3 on to it initially, before i save enough to upgrade to 7.

    do u think there will be any problems?
  3. Nope, but you will only get to use 3.25GB ram if the windows XP you have is 32 bit.
  4. Thnx for the advice :D
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