4 independent monitors on Matrox P690 graphics card

I am trying to get a PC running WinXP to display on 4 monitors with different resolutions with one display rotated by 90 degrees but the Matrox PowerDesk SE software appears to want all monitors to have the same resolution and orientation. Is it possible to achieve this using the Mtrox card?

I have already done it using a system with a combination of NVIDIA and RADEON dual output cards but really need to reclaim an interface slot on the motherboard.

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  1. how are you connecting four monitors to this card? doesn't it only have 2 DVI ports?
  2. The card will support 4 analog monitors when using the (optional) interface cable.

    However, in answer to my own question, this just in from Matrox Tech Support:

    "The P690 will only support the same resolution/rotation for all 4 screens when running quad mode"

    So Matrox is not the solution to my problem :??:
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