Cd-Rom Not Recognized

My cd-rom and dvd-rom are not found. I uninstalled Nero software and got a corrupted registry message. I'm running Win XP sevice pack 3. Everything was running ok before I used xp's uninstall. Did this because I couldn't find Nero's uninstall.
How do I repair this?
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  1. Easy way would be doing a repair install of XP! Or look for the win driver.
  2. How would I do a repair without the use of the cd-rom? I'm getting an error message in the device manager-"configuration info (in registry) is incomplete or damaged code 19." I uninstalled from the device manager and reinstalled-no difference. Will reinstalling a driver repair the registry?

    Sorry about the double posting. Very glad someone removed the extra one.
  3. Have you tried the link?
  4. Thanks rolli59! Yes, went back and clicked on the link and let 'Microsoft Fix it' automatically fix it. Amazing!! I got music again!
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