Can I Connect SPDIF to 10-1 Pin HD Audio Header?

Just bought an ASUS P5G41-M LX2/GB motherboard. It has a 10-1 Pin AAFP header onboard and the manual says to connect an HD front panel audio module. You can alternately set this to AC'97 in the BIOS. My case has neither module but I have an old S-Bracket that includes an SPDIF output jack and a similar board connector. Does anyone know which pins I can use on my new motherboards 10-1 Pin AAFP header to output via this old SPDIF bracket? I know which pins on the old SPDIF bracket are the SPDIF out, voltage, ground etc. so I just need to know which (if any) I can connect to my new mobo.

Why?? I want to output sound to a home theater system.
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  1. No. You cannot connect SPDIF output connector to to the FP audio connector.

    Your motherboard manual should show you where the motherboard connector is if you have one.
  2. Your Mobo seems to have a SPDIF connector on the board itself, check to see if it is compatible with the SPDIF bracket that you have on you.....
  3. Thanks jsc and alyoshka! I am looking at the manual and see the SPDIF header on the board. The panel I am hoping to use is very different but I am hoping to figure out exactly which 3 connector wires I can reroute to the boards SPDIF out. Just 3 pins so I am hoping it isnt too difficult... +5, spdifout, and ground... pretty basic unless the interface I have refers to these differently. Again thanks for the input. It is encouraging.
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