New to building computers....

and im done putting the pieces together but when i turn it on, nothing comes to my monitor. it sits in it's power saved mode. all the lights are on and the fans are going. the drive's open and close, its just nothing pops up on my monitor, whats going on?
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  1. System specs please.

    Did you connect the 6 pin video card power connector to the back of the video card?
  2. intel i7-920 cpu
    asus p6t motherboard
    bfg tech gefore gts 250 video card
    antec 900 case
    antec truepower 750 watts
    crucial ballistix tracer 6gb(3x2g) memory

    all the specs that i can remember for now, im not with the computer at the moment.

    well my video card is plugged into the mobo obviously and alls thats connected into it is the power supply.
  3. Ok, make sure the 6 pin is connected properly. Also, some GTS 250's take 2 6 pins. So if you only have 1 connected make sure there isn't a second PCI-X 6 pin that needs to be connected.

    If that doesn't work I would try reseating the video card.

    Make sure you connected the 4 / 8 pin CPU connector on the mother board.
  4. wow i just want to thank both of you for your help. it was the 8-pin connector that i was missing. im such a goof lol. thank you again and happy hunting :D
  5. Ooops. Yeah, darn 8/4 pin connectors :D
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