Upgrading from ATI HD3870

Okay, I want to upgrade my video card. I'm wanting to get something that's DirectX 11 ready but I want to get something that is under the $200 range.

Looking around, the only options are the ATI 5770 and 5750. However, I see that the 4870's outperform the cards by leaps and bounds.

Is it worth it upgrading to either the 5770 or 5750 from my 3870 or should I just say forget DirectX 11 and get a 4870? Or, should I just save my money and stay with the 3870? I mean, so far, my games are running pretty good (Batman Arkhum Asylum, Fallout 3, Dragon Age). They do have some slow downs at certain points, but not to the point of being unplayable. Still, it would be nice to just have them run smoothly all the time.

As much as I want DirectX 11, I also want to get a card that will last for a couple of years.

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    If you want a card to last a few years maybe save up another $100 and grab a 5850

    If you don't want to then a 5770 is the way to go
  2. Is it even worth it going to the 5770 from my current card? Will I gain much of anything?
  3. Yes its alot faster....You'll gain alot more performance : )
  4. I got a 3870 my self your best bet is a 5770.
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  6. Thanks everyone. Looks like I'm getting the 5770. Hopefully with my rig, I'll still see some improvements on things like Fallout 3 and Batman. I already have Fallout 3 pushed pretty high, but I don't have it on Ultra. I wonder if I should be able to do Ultra settings with it?

    I know it won't help with GTA IV since that is CPU bound. Crappy programming. :fou:

    BTW, have all the issues with the 5000 series been rectified with the latest Catalyst drivers? I know there were issues with white scan lines/bars, etc.


    AMD64 X2 4200+, Asus A8NE, 4gb PC3200 RAM, ATI HD3870,Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
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