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Firstly is it possible to fax something through my on-board Ethernet card and broadband cable connection, I do not have a fax modem. I was hoping to find a solution to send documents via fax from my computer. I don't need to receive them just send.

I tried Google Search for solutions but everything comes back for remote faxing services, which makes me believe this is not possible without a pay service or pay software.

If anyone can suggest free ware or free service to get his done, it would be most helpful.
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  1. I'm guessing here, but maybe if you can find a Faxing program which still uses a dial up modem but also works with a recent OS (XP) you'll be fine. The modem doesn't have to be connected to the internet -- it just acts as a dialler, just like your regular phone so having a cable phone service may not make any difference

    Only problem is where did you put that old modem you took out in 1999 ?

    Worth pondering anyway.
  2. So i just need the hardware but not the actual phone line connected.
  3. No, you need a phone line as well.
  4. Just not necessarily from the phone company.

    There are some online things. Depending on if you want to pay or not and stuff. With some, you send an email and they fax it, so on so forth.
  5. I see. i looked in to these services not exactly cost saving. No programs that will VOIP a email to fax number?
  6. Not that I know of. When I looked for them, like a year ago, there were several that would let you do it for free, and they'd just put an ad as the cover page. I think there were other conditions that I don't remember now though.
  7. If you want to send or receive fax via the internet then you need an online fax or fax to email service. There's no free software that will allow you to do this because you need a provider that will do this for you. Like you can not dial and make calls from your computer directly, you need a VoIP provider for that.

    You mentioned you don't have a fax modem/dial up modem so there's no way to send fax too through your phone line from your computer.

    Just search for internet fax services and you probably find one that suits you. If you don't intend to send out hundreds a day then check out Onesuite online fax service. It's 2.5c per page plus $2.95/monthly. You can receive unlimited fax too just in case you need to.
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