Use PSU power cord or GPUs ?

hi all
i got new PSU today and i need to ask question, should i use the power cord that came with the HD 4850 or the one the PSU offers to connect to the card?

the card's own cord has molex on the other end.

just not sure which is best to use, they are different. u see the PSU has also the 6 pin connection but beside it is also another 2 pin. i take u only need to use those both (6pin & 2pin) for 8 pin connections.. it has 8 pin seperate too though.

thank for the help!

PSU: earthwatts 650
GPU: HD 4850
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  1. Use the power cord that came with your PSU. And you are right, just use the 6pin and leave the other 2 pin hanging. At the end of the day it doesn't make much difference, but I would just use the PSU 6 pin

    The adapter that came with your 4850 is for people that have a PSU without a 6pin or not enough 6 pins for their setup.
  2. Use the 6-pin on your power supply. Do not use the molex adapter.
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