Good day all. im hoping that someone can help me.
Ive just booted up my Asus Tricker II Formula and i get an error at the POST screan saying that hardware monitor has found iregularities blah blah... so i took a look and my Vcore is at 2.6V, 12v @ 12.9V and 5V @ 5.8V.

It would seem that all my voltages mentioned above is too high... PLEASE help is there a way to change the Vcore voltage. like i said i have an Asus Stricker II Formula and am running a Thermaltake 750WAT PSU.

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  1. I think you mean ASUS Striker II Formula. ;)

    Simple, go into the BIOS and adjust the vCore to the specified limits.
  2. there is no option to change the vCore settings... ive looked everywhere...
  3. The Vcore should be located under the AI tweaker or Cell menu you probably have to set something to manual to see the voltage adjustments.

    You 12v and 5v reading would worry me the most they are way out of spec and I would suggest testing the PSU with a multimeter to be sure but if those readings you are getting are correct then the PSU is faulty which would not surprise me at all.
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