Recently put in a new motherboard to allow for Overclocking, and nothi

So I bought an MSI Z77A-G43 and it installed and runs without much hassle. I upgraded from an Intel DH67CL so i could overclock my i5 2500k. I followed [Wolfram's Beginner's Guide to Overclocking]( who is even using the same bios as me. So the problem is, when I change the multiplier in ANY form (In bios, or in windows MSI programs) it will not change in reality. My bios tells me that I'm currently running at 3.7 Ghz, but any monitoring program I've used tells me I'm still running stock. I've tried using Control Center and Click bios 2 in windows without success. I can change the multiplier, but nothing takes affect when I reboot or otherwise. I CAN however change my bus speeds and that does show up in monitoring programs. I have included screenshots to everything here :
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  1. To start, don't use any of those crap programs to overclock. Manually adjust settings in BIOS ONLY.

    You may need to clear CMOS, and uninstall all of those garbage overclocking tools.

    Adjust CPU ratio in OS = disabled
    OC Genie and all that crap = disabled

    I don't have a 2500K, I have a 3570K, but you probably want to disable PLL overvoltage as well - research it.

    Like I said those overclock programs are TRASH, please uninstall them and clearing CMOS may be neccessary to ever overclock.....
  2. Clearing the CMOS, is that just as simple as popping out the battery for a few minutes?
  3. Also, I only installed those programs AFTER I had no luck in bios.
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  6. No one can help in the slightest?
  7. Clearing the CMOS can be done in any one of three ways:
    1.Removing the battery
    2.Using the M/B jumpers
    3.Just resetting to default settings through bios
    Other methods:
    4.Some M/B have a reset button
    5.Flashing the bios will also clear all settings

    Follow the suggestions of Adroid first then maybe someone else will offer help. Also read the rules (Don't bump your threads!)
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