Core i5-430M vs core2duo SU9400

Hello, all other things being equal, how do these processors compare in Win 7 32 bit 2GB and 3GB notebooks and 64bit 3GB and 4GB notebooks?
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  1. In terms of CPU power Passmark CPU benchmark scores:
    Intel Core2 Duo SU9400 @ 1.40GHz @ 958
    Intel Core i5 M 430 @ 2.27GHz @ 2389
    In terms of battery life - the SU9400 might last twice as long, or longer due to it's ultra low voltage (ULV) design.
  2. Thank you. Time-wise, does this mean the i5-430M is much faster? For example, video conversion, winrar compression, large number of file transfers among disk?
  3. It means its actually quite a bit faster.
    Core i5-430M review
    i5-430M Cinebench R10 Rendering Multi 7558

    SU9400 Cinebench R10 Rendering Multi 2899 type in su9400 to see the rest of the benchmarks
  4. Thank you. :)
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