Overclocking - Pentium (R) E5300 CPU and GA-321M-ES2L MB

Heya guys, I'm a new overclocker looking to OC my bad Pentium CPU. :-)

Mostly for gaming, but my GPU currently is bottlenecked by it and I'm hoping to crank the CPUs power up a little bit.

Here are my specs:
1st display

As you can see I have a socket-L775 motherboard which can be overclocked. It's a GA-G31M-ES2L by Gigabyte which I do believe supports OCing.

My battery is 585W if the number on it is correct. I assume I have a stock cooler but I can check if that is needed.

Here is my temperature (just on desktop with a YT video going and about 15 tabs open on Google Chrome): http://puu.sh/1QQb7

My questions are the following:

What do I do?
What's a good GHz to OC to?
Is this safe?
Will this increase gaming capabilities (positively)?
What's a safe temperature to stop at (on idle and in gaming)?

I do plan to get a new computer in the (near) future so I hope this rig can last until then. :-)

Thanks for looking and please be descriptive because, one again, I am new to OCing.

Also, here's a video I found - is this safe to go off of?
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  1. Not to be abrupt, but I wouldn't go overclocking a Pentium too much at this stage, they're quite old and you could damage it beyond about 3 Ghz. I reckon that's your safe point to stop... Or I would invest the money in a new CPU altogether, maybe an Ivy Bridge i3 or a budget i5 perhaps?

  2. I just want good performance for a few more months.
  3. OK, I clocked it to 2,600MHz.

    This is pretty much normal settings for my CPU, for some reason it was on lower.
    Here's stats:

    As you can see the temperature is lower than the previous one so it's doing okay.
    I'm going to go up to 3,500MHz to try it out, I will probably stop there or try 3,300 or lower afterwards. Because my Bus Speed is at 200MHz and my DRAM Freq is at 400MHz, thus making my ratio 1:2, I want to double my bus speed so that the ratio goes to 1:1. Any clue on doing this?

    I have set my CPU Host CC Enabled, the System Voltage is at 1.4375 (recommended max is 1.450) and I set my CPU Host Freq to 250. I also set my CPU Clock Ratio to 13x (from 9x).

    I assume to 1:1 my FSB : DRAM, I want to change my System Memory Frequency?

    The options are Auto, 2.66, 3, and 4. Which do I want? It is currently set to auto.

    My Memory CPU-Z page:
  4. Okay, overclocked to 3.51GHz. Running smooth.

    Set System Memory Multiplier to 2.66, lowest it will go. FSB : DRAM is at 3:4.
    How do I get it to 1:1?


  5. I have the same processor and motherboard I overclocked it at 3Ghz and I would like to do the same like you, Can you give me more especifications of your PC? Do you use stock cooler or what? and the multiplier exactly and other details :D
    Thank you and sorry for my bad English, i'm Spanish :S
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