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Hey everybody! I've been using this site for many school projects (I'm in college going for IT security and forensics) and I cannot find the answer.. I just built a new computer using a motherboard with only SATA slots, and I have an IDE hard drive that I use to store all my movies, music and other stuff on. I know I could just hook it up as an external via USB, but I want it to be more permanent. I was looking around at IDE to SATA controller cards, and they all look like garbage and cause fires.. Any ideas? There has to be a way to do this..
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  1. aicom said:

    That looks exactly what I was thinking right after I posted the question :) Would you recommend that brand? I have never used Rosewill before..

    I like the PCI-e better because I want to keep my PCI open for future other things, and it has a very little footprint.

    However, reading the comments on, I noticed that many people have needed to use a floppy to flash the BIOS.. what about Syba?

    I really wish someone like WD or Seagate would make a card for this..
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