Prime95 rounding error with Core i7 @ 3.8ghz

I get an error with Prime95 with the message "FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4 Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file." after overclocking "Core i7 930 (D0)" to 3.8 Ghz with a Vcore of 1.2v. The error occurred less than 20 seconds after starting Blend test and was followed by a BSOD, I then restarted Prime95 Blend test again after rebooting without changing any settings in the BIOS and the same thing happened again.

Settings: (Intel DX58SO Motherboard, BIOS version is 5112)

CPU Multiplier: 21x
Base Clock: 181 Mhz
Uncore Multiplier: 14x
Memory Multiplier: 6x
Memory Frequency: 1086 Mhz
Memory Timings: 7-7-7-19
Vcore: 1.200
VDIMM: 1.54
IOH Voltage: 1.100
Uncore Voltage: 1.15

I have to set Memory Multiplier to 6x because my RAM has only a maximum frequency of 1333 and then I set the Uncore multiplier to 14x because I saw a video guide that when the person set the memory multiplier to 6x he also set the Uncore multiplier to 14x.

After adjusting the Vcore from 1.200v to 1.2125v and leaving all the other settings unchanged, the computer ran Prime95 for about 2 minutes before reporting an error again and doing a BSOD. I then increased the Vcore again to 1.2375v and the computer managed to run Prime95 Blend Test for about 25 minutes before an error and BSOD occured. I then rebooted the computer without any voltage increase or BIOS changes and started Prime95 Blend Test again while surfing the internet and the computer crashed again after 2 hours (I thought that it would never crash again).
I have ran Prime95 for more than two hours at 3.6 Ghz with only a Vcore of 1.200v without any problems.
And I also have been weirded out with my CPU because right now my overclock CPU has a lower idle temp than at stock speed.

What do you think could be the problem with my overclock?
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  1. uhh... it's unstable? duh?

    But seriously, what do you want from us exactly? If increasing the voltage doesn't help, then you've hit the limit of your CPU overclock.
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