Should I wait for Nvidia or buy what ATI is currently offering?


My current VGA is a GeForce 7300 512MB, i was going to buy a new one three month ago but i was adviced to wait until Nvidia or ATI launche cards that support DX 11 and for their price to fall. So i waited until the price became within my budget limit and decided to buy the HD5750 next week. My question is: should i be patient and wait for the end of this month too to see what Nvidia will offer and hope they will have a card close to the current price of the HD5750? OR just buy the HD5750 because for sure Nvidia will not offer something less than 200$ and so ATI won't have to lower their prices anymore?

Thank you for your advice
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  1. If you can wait like a month (25th in fact, if I recall correctly), yes. It is advisable to do so if you're not in a hurry.

    Prices might change for good, so it's a worthy wait.

    Now, the bets are in the $200 price segment won't be any movement since it all points that the new nVidia cards will be expensive and won't have mid or low versions right off the bat.

  2. Yuka said:
    If you can wait like a month (25th in fact, if I recall correctly)

    So close but no cigar :lol: , it's the 26th.
  3. Oh, bummer... xD!

  4. Yuka said:
    Oh, bummer... xD!


    I find it easy to remember because it's the day after my nieces birthday and if I bought her one then I would have to look after it for her as she only has a laptop at the moment, well it's the thought that counts after all. :whistle:
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    Wait for a month. The worst that can happen is you will buy a 5750 for the same price you would now, but theres a chance you could end up with a better price in a few weeks. Now, the new Nvidia cards released will be high-end parts and there probably won't be a sub $200 part for a little bit yet so it might not affect you much to wait, but I would still think its worth it for the small chance the price will drop.
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