USB does not detect new peripherals.

My computer does not seem to be accepting any of the new hardware I install. The rest of the computer works fine and the old periprals I have installed also work but when I try and install a mouse or printer they don't seem to function. I get a message saying "found new hardware" but follwing the instructions or in the case of the printer, trying ot install the Cannon printer, it cannot "deetct" the printer.
The printer works with other computers and all software appicaitons also work.

I have an XP - Service Pack 3 and the hardware is Dell. I don't think I have the original software disks that came with Dell.

Any ideas for a solution?
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  1. In the BIOS, see if you've configured all of the USB ports to run.
    In case of the printer, did you install the drivers from the CD? You should also check for any updated drivers.
    Plug a USB Flash Drive & see if it gets detected & runs on all the available USB ports properly. If yes, then you probably have a mouse problem. Or the printer driver problem. If the drive doesn't work, you might have dead ports.
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