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K7s5a can't get VGA video

I'm trying to get an old machine working again, with a k7s5a motherboard. It's been sitting in the garage, but I thought it was working before. When I power on the machine, I get no post screen, no beeps from the case speaker (but it may not be connected properly), but the power supply is running, and the CPU fan. I've tried a different AGP card that I know is working, I've disconnected the CD and HD, PCI cards, even removed the memory. I've tried the original AGP card in another computer and it works fine.

It is as if no connection or power is getting to the AGP card. Is there anything else I can try to get this board working? Is there something I'm missing about how to connect things to make the AGP slot work properly?

Thanks for any pointers...
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  1. Have you replaced the CMOS battery??
    Before starting up an old mobo, the first thing that needs to be done is to replace the old Cmos battery, since the BIOS of the system has long been dead.
    A new battery will help it remember cos of a fresh flow of juice thru the brain, not doing so, causes the weak or dead Battery signal to corrupt the bios, leading to total failure.
    Disconnect everything from the board, replace the battery , plug in the processor and jump start it :)
    You'll surely get a beep.
    Then continue with adding the peripherals in after switching it off and go ahead with the setup.
    Let us know if this helped and get back to us with a further update.
  2. Thanks - I hadn't thought of that ... sounds like a good lead.

    CMOS batteries are interchangeable, right? Is there any reason not to just pull a battery out of another system to test it out? Or is it necessary to go get a new one?
  3. It would be better to get a new one, 'cos after all you are going to revive a dead board..... :)
    All those American movies and med serials have that doze of adrenaline and the electric jolt right..... all at full power.. :)
  4. Just to be clear - I only meant taking a battery out of another system to test it. If it works then I would certainly go buy a new one. Are you saying that I risk harming either system by pulling a battery out of one system and putting it in the other?
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    In case you haven't made changes in the BIOS of the system from which you plan to remove the battery to test the old mobo with, you'll not have a problem. It's safe to do that, but if the working system had BIOS changes and you don't know about them, you will end up facing new problems with a perfectly fine working system.
    Why risk it, the batteries are damn cheap, it's only a question of a day or a walk down to a electronics shop ....
    You risk harming the working system if yu pull out the battery and can't undo or redo the changes that kept the working system alive, it's always wiser to have one dead system on your hands at one given time to trouble shoot then to have two dead systems and confusion while trouble shooting....
  6. Excellent - thanks. I'll heed your caution and buy a new battery.
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