Help! new build, no signal to monitor

Hi, hope you guys can help shine some light on a problem im having.

ive just built my first system, all seems to have gone in fine with no problems. Although when i have started the system, all fans, light ect come on but my monitor keeps saying "No input signal" The graphics card is in properly as far as i can see and all power connectors are in. I am left scratching my head about where the problem may be.

System specs are.
Asus p55de evo motherboard
intel i7 860
ocz 700w psu
gskill ripjaw 4gb ram
samsung spinpoint f3 harddrive
Asus Gtx 275 graphics card -

Any ideas what to look for would be apreaciated!

Thanks in advance
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  1. We have a sticky that was created to troubleshoot this exact problem. Please perform EVERY step in the READ before posting about boot/no video problems! sticky and let us know how it goes.
  2. You should check if your monitor-cable is plugged in the back of your graphics card, and not in your motherboard...
  3. The P55 motherboards don't have on-board graphics. :)
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