External hard disk does not recognized by PC

I plugged in external hard disk via USB, the light is turned on but there is no response, no drive is appeared. I am not sure the hard disk's problem because no way for checking. Please help any solution or method to solve this kind of problems.
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  1. Is it a new drive? If it is it will not show up until the drive is partitioned and formatted. So to do that right click on My Computer on desktop and then left click on Manage. From there click Disk Management Windows should ask you if you want to initialize the drive from there. By default Windows 7 hides any drive that is not initialized so that is why it is not showing up.
  2. It has been run for a year. I have tried what you mentioned but still could not locate the drive. I am not sure the drive is dead because no checking if PC connection. Is any other solution or suggestion?
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