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I purchased a ATi Radeon HD 4650 for $60 and I'm happy with it cuz I upgraded from onboard gfx. I OCed it to 700/500 from 600/400. I wanna know what is the difference between this card and HD4670 750/873 in gaming(1366x768/1280x720 resolution) in percentage. And do you think I can OC this card a bit more without damaging it?
PS: I purchased HD4650 because HD 4670 was $30 and I have a generic 280W(14A +12V rail) :S
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  1. Na, HD4670 has DDR3 memory, which will always distance the 4650 from the 4670. I have mine OC'd to just 660/450, and I'm fine with it.
  2. Overclocking it made it use more energy... ? so what was the point in getting a 4650?

    If you are this much of an enthusiast you should just get a new power supply and a real card. Your 280 is eventually going to give out on you...
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