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Overclocking RAM help! ?!?!

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  1. Why not just buy 1600Mhz ram and be done with it, overclocking ram is timely and the returns are negligible. On another note the higher density dimms you get the less likely that they will overclock well.
  2. Fatal1ty 990fx professional Mobo, how do I get 1600 or up to work without OC???
  3. Setting the ram to 1600Mhz within bios is not overclocking it, so long as the ram is spec'ed for 1600Mhz.

    All you have to do is find the setting for dram frequency within bios and set it to 1600Mhz. As long as you get to know you bios options this will be simple.
  4. Ok its just that my motherboard says it supports RAM like this: Memory: 4x DDR3-2100(OC)/1866(OC)/1600(OC)/1333/1066/800 DIMMs
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    It will default the ram to 1333Mhz when you first boot up but changing them to 1600Mhz is simple. 1333Mhz is with the base ram multiplier as you can see by the board specs it can easily run ram spec'ed for 1600Mhz it will just require you to change one setting in bios.
  6. patrick47018 said:

    1. Why do you want 32GB, I doubt you have a use for it. If you did you should already know about this type of stuff.

    2. Get this:

    Set it to 1600 in bios, anything higher will give you no real world performance increase unless your benchmarking.
  7. Overclocking ram also has to do with the CPU. You need a good CPU to overclock since the memory controller is now inside your cpu. And its known that intel doesnt want to work with high frequencies since believe ivy bridge only has 1600 native and sandy 1333 native. AMD on the other hand, although poor architecture on the processor side, is well known to be a great ram overclocker.
  8. overclocking generally requires 2 things, a good memory controller(on the cpu) as well as good sticks of ram. If you are new to overclocking ram, I sugest buying multiple sticks of Samsung Ram(i switched from g.skill to samsung) as it is low voltage, ran through a 30nm process vs the probably 40nm process the g.skill ram goes through(as well as most other current ddr3 based ram), and is well known for being a great overclocker. only downside is aesthetics.
  9. Unless you're running a custom water loop you're more likely to hit a thermal wall when cpu overclocking prior to your ram being a limiting factor. Also with unlocked ivy and sandy chips you will be overclocking via cpu multiplier and hardly even touching the bus frequency (therefore not even affecting the ram speed).
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