DVI to HDMI Adapter Cant Get Sound Out Of Duplicate Displays

Maybe someone can help me. I just purchased the dvi to HDMI adapter and i'm having problems. I have a bedroom TV and a main TV that I want to duplicate the monitor so when I am in my bedroom I can watch TV and also If I'm in the living room I can watch the same computer. Currently I am running the HDMI straight out of my Radion 5770 to my Onkyo HT-S9100THX receiver. It is 7.1 surround and working perfectly. I have confirmed that the adapter does carry sound by hooking this HDMI to the adapter. My problem starts when I hook up my bedroom TV. It does not matter if I hook it up alone or if I hook it up and duplicate the displays no matter which way I hook it up I am not getting any sound through my bedroom TV (Its a 32 inch Dynex). I am getting picture just no sound. Can someone please help?

Thank You
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  1. i have same Problem
    Hlp Pls
  2. - The sound only comes out to the DVI port assigned as "primary display". There is only one sound CHIP (realtek) on the video card. If you assign the second DVI as primary display the sound will come out on that port.

    If you look at my configuration i have two display. The sound goes to the port that is configured as Primary display.

    - The other thing on ATI video card if you are to use DVI to HDMI adater, use the one that is provided by ATI. Call the board manufacturer and it will mail you one. My 4890s came with 1 each. I called diamondmm and they sent me one for each.

    I tried different DVI to HDMI adapter that i purchase from store and none would produce the audio on any DVI port i connect it. Same case to the DVI-HDMI adapter that works on my GTX280(that was provided by BFG).

    The message is "Get a DVI to HDMI adapter provided by the ATI board maker". It's part of what you paid for and they will be more than happy to send you one.
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