Installed second CPU and now Windows7 reboot loops…?


Dell Precision T7400
Intel Xeon Quad core E5410
20gb ECC DDR2 667 running in quad channel
2x 500gb WD5000AAKS SAS drives in RAID0
Windows 7 Pro 64bit

System has a clean install with the above hardware with no issues. Just installed Adobe CS5 suite and was hoping to have dual Quad core CPU’s for it.

I made sure to get the same model (E5410), code (SLBBC), and stepping (E0).

System has the newest BIOS (A06).

When I install the second CPU the BIOS sees it fine and all the numbers are identical. If I try and let the system boot however it says “Starting Windows” and reboots back to the POST.

This also happens if I try and boot to the Windows install DVD or even a Knoppix disk.

Both CPU’s boot up into Windows fine if I install them separately.

Any ideas?
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  1. Isn't there a setting in bios to enable 2nd processor chip?
    Also or even more likely use msconfig and in advanced settings set number of logical processors to 2.
    Sorry can't remember exactly but believe you will find the setting in there.
  2. I've heard of having to enable it in Windows but I can't even get that far.

    As far as enabling it in the BIOS; it does see both chips. If there's setup beyond that I haven't done it.
  3. Run the system with the single processor, boot, then using msconfig/advanced options you should see the entry/checkmark space to tell it your using 2 logical processors. Shut down, unplug, install 2nd chip, reboot-correct bios-save, shut down, restart, cross fingers.
    All this depends on the Pro version has this option as opposed to ultimate/business version.
  4. Pretty sure Roonj nailed it. Good luck.
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