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Hello there i am considering building my first computer i have selected parts

Ram: Corsair DDR3 1600MHZ 6GB 3X240 DIMM
GPU: MSI VGA 1GB GDDR5 PCIE16 HD5770/128B R5770-PM2D1G
CPU: INTEL CORE I7-930 2.8G 8M LGA1366 BOX
HDD: 1TB Samsung SATAII 7200 32MB
PS: Corsair Modular Power Supply 1000W
CASE: GMC ATX J1 (black)/ 2xUSB 2.0/ HD Audio/ 80mm Rear FAN/ w/o PSU

computer is for HardCore Music making ,Math 2d image and video rendering, + light gaming.
Is my parts list complete? or if you have other suggestions?

Tnxs for help
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  1. Most of your choices are sensible, however I would change a couple of things

    1) the case... it only has an 80mm fan for cooling - this would make your build run very warm. The best solution is for a case to have at least 1 x 120mm front fan, 1 x 120mm rear fan - this should be the minimum anyone would consider.

    Antec 902 / 1200 would be perfect for your choice of components

    Next up... 1000W PSU is all well and good, but a little over the top and could save yourself some money.

    Finally - dont forget an optical CD/DVD drive :)
  2. Yea take that PSU down to like 550W or something, barely anything requires 1000W
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