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my question is i wanna have second display card for running my projector through it my first card is used up by Monitor and my TV .. need another card to run just the projector ... does it work ??? and how ?
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  1. i already got a Nvidia 9500GT ... please recommend a card to play HD movies not so expensive ...
    Thank you
  2. Do you have a motherboard that's capable of multiple cards? You probably don't.. (post system?) What ports are on the back of your card?

    Can't you just swap the TV/projector in the second port? or maybe put a DVI/VGA splitter on this card?
  3. No i dont have a motherboard which capable of multiple cards ... on the back of the card i have a HDMI , DVI and a s-video connector but only two works at a time and for the svideo i have to shut the computer unplug the monitor and then run the projector through s-video .. i dont want to do that i want all to be pluged in and just switch screens like i do with split screen with my tv and monitor .. sombeody told me to get another normal PCI card and put it in the PCI slot and run my projector through it ...
    But the question is how do i switch video to projector i mean on the another card does Nvidia control panel show me that 3rd Display screen as it shows me now in the panel 2 displays ?

    Thank you
  4. The 9500 gt only supports running two monitors/projectors at the same time. What you could do is plug in all 3 of your monitors/projectors and through the drivers disable one monitor and enable the projector without shutting down the computer.
  5. How can i do that through drivers please advise
  6. You should be able to right click on your desktop and click properties then display settings to reach a screen that looks like this:
    Or find a similar screen in your Nvidia control panel. From either you will be able to enable and disable screens and change the screen resolution and such.
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