HD5770 with shroud or without?

I can't decide which to choose. There will be left only ~2,5cm(1 inch) to my wireless pci card, and i was wondering if i go without shroud can it overheat? Or it doesn't produce that much heat so i'm good with open cooling? From reviews i understand that shroud is a little bit noisier, and how hard it is to clean it?

Hope you can answer to any of these questions.
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  1. coozie7 said:
    By shroud I take it you mean the plastic casing?

    That's how Ati is calling it :??:

    I was asking if i get non-shroud can it cause any problems to wireless card? And how easy casing (shroud) can be removed to clean dust?
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    It doesn't matter, however the "egg" shaped design produces less heat & cools better than the shroud design (Pheonix).

    Why would the NON-shroud cause any problems? If I were to guess the shroud would make the card thicker and thus cause problems.

    I would get the cheaper one, if the same price the best manufacturer, if that's the same THEN the "egg" shaped design.
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  4. sabot00 said:

    Why would the NON-shroud cause any problems?

    By blowing hot air on it.

    Guess i'm gonna get egg then. Thanks!
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