Raid 0 Hard disk acting as a 'Single Disk'

i am asking is desperation because when i stared my pc, it didnt boot into windows. i looked in my raid array to find one of my 500GB drives was not detectable, but it was acting as a single disk. ironicly i was just about to copy all my data of the raid array to dismantle the array.

Is there any way i can recover my array or do i have to delete it and start over?
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  1. Depends on what the RAID was configured on (integrated motherboard RAID vs dedicated RAID card). Assuming as most people in this forum are using integrated RAID from the mobo, you're probably not in a good place.
    You can try to find the drive again in the RAID configuration menues (don't reinitialize). Try reseating SATA cables and power cables. And if that doesn't work, you've likely just experienced one of the main drawbacks of RAID-0.
    There are companies out there that can likely recover this information, like DriveSavers, but it will be $1000+ for this recovery. Hopefully your data is backed up...
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