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I just bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 and I'm having problems with it. I play Call of Duty: MW2 on high graphic settings and never get below 50 fps. But in bad company both single and multiplayer I get around 25 outside. Max bout 50 in a corner indoors, and I've seen it drop below 20 quite a few times. What's the problem? Anything need to tweak to fix?

Here's my Specs:

Windows Vista (64-Bit)
Intel Duo Core E7300 (2.66ghz)
4gb RAM (800mhz I think)
500gb Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
ATI Radeon 5670 (512mb version)(DirectX 11)
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  1. Play in the monitors native resolution, it's better to do this than use a lower resolution and have to apply AA to bring the visuals back up to par. Do not use AA, it can have a heavy impact on performance, if you do, enable it in game and not through the CCC. Either disable or turn down lighting effects like shadows, sun rays and reflections, they all have a strong impact on performance. Turn down the model details a bit-do you really need to see the pores on someones skin as you settle the snipers crosshairs on their head?
    What is the monitor resolution, though? The 5670 is a capable card at lower resolutions but you are asking a lot of such hardware if you want to play at high settings and a resolution of 1680x1050 smoothly.
  2. Ok. What's AA and CCC?
  3. They uses different different engines, so that's the likely reason why FPS are different.
  4. Google is a friend;)
    AA= AntialiAsing :Iit's a bit of clever maths that helps to smooth out the jagged lines in any computer generated image, but it costs processing time and requires extra memory to use.
    CCC= Catalyst Control Centre, the ATI (AMD) application that allows uses to configure their hardware (monitor/s, card/s, video playback options etc).
  5. thanks for the tips. Switching the resolution helped a bit. I never thought that turning it up would help. It's still not playable to the point where it's enjoyable though. Always sucks when you realize your PC is good enough anymore :(

    Oh one more thing. How much difference would Windows 7 make when playing games? Someone told me it's a bit better.
  6. windows 7 is the best OS for games even better than XP i saw a test on this website: http://www.gameplanet.co.nz/features/133761.20090901.Windows-7-Best-OS-for-gaming/ and to my experience for i tried xp,vista,win 7 windows 7 defenitly is the number 1 system for gaming;)
  7. @ Knight_91: It is not so much turning the resolution up that helps, but turning the AA off that is the importaint tweak. Also play with the lighting effects if possible, I have found that in some games a small change to the shadow effects can have a big impact on framerates (turning on soft shadows in FEAR could halve the framerates!).
    Your system is fine, apart from the graphics card which is very much a weak link if you are playing at 1680x1050 or above (you have not said), in which case I would suggest you E-bay it and drop in a HD5770.
    As a new convert to Win7 from XP the new OS seems better for gaming but I doubt it will be a useful upgrade from Vista, you would be better off using the money to install a more powerful graphics card or treat the girl/boy friend to something nice.
  8. I really don't think its my graphics card. The different at most between maxing at the graphics and resolution vs. lowering it to the most on both is not even 10 fps.
  9. Knight_91 said:
    I really don't think its my graphics card. The different at most between maxing at the graphics and resolution vs. lowering it to the most on both is not even 10 fps.

    And I was talking to someone whose running average pf 60 fps with a quad core i7 and a GeForce 9600 card
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