I5 Overclock to 4.4

When I oc'ed my CPU to 4.4ghz, I had to set the vcore to at least a 1.3 to prevent bsod's. Is there an optimal range for the vcore to be set at?
Furthermore, I'm running at 4.2ghz and the temps seem to hover at around 35-40. I'm using the 212 evo. Are these temps too high as well?
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  1. Not sure what optimal is - I left mine on auto. Got 4.4 stable but didn't keep it since it didn't seem necessary.

    Do you have speedstep on? 35-40 seems high for idle and low for load. I idle around 30 and get up right to 60 under load at 4.1 (need to update my sig...).
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    What are you running to test stability? Intel Burn In Test is the best program to test for temps. Prime95 will give you temps about 10c lower than IBT. You need to check that. Run both of those programs along with CoreTemp for temps. 35-40c is too low for load testing and too high for idle, so IDK what your doing to get those temps.

    There is no "optimal range" for these chips, all are a little different. 1.3v sounds a little high for 4.4Ghz but that's just the luck of the draw my friend. At 4.5Ghz my chip will run with 1.3v. I have mine set at around 1.38v-1.40v for my 4.7Ghz overclock. My guess is that if you have a fairly good cooler you will get around 70-75c in prime95 and 80-85c in IBT. Which is fine. As long as you are around those temps you'll be alright. Start worrying if you get up in the 90's. Low 90's aren't too bad but that's not what you want really.

    Good luck with your OC.
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