Help! High buzz noise from my 5870?

I just built a system but there seems to be a loud buzz that is really annoying.
I have a xfx ati radeon 5870 and the sounds seems to be coming from there.
The buzz is faint but a little high pitch so I can't stand it.
This is my first build so if I can get any help I would be grateful.

Here is the details w/ my investigation so far
1. Sounds like its coming from the graphics card/cpu area.
2. I disconnected the graphics card from the motherboard and turned the computer on and there was no sound.
3. Using my computer programs, I changed the power to cpu/fans/(?) and the sound was constant.
4. Using my ear, doesn't seem to be the cd drive/hard drive ( The hard drive does make some noise but it's the usual stuff)

Any help would be greaaatly appreciated.
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  1. How old is the GPU card ?

    What type of monitor are you using ?

    Can you insert the card into a diff system, to absolutely confirm ?

    Check the cooling fan/hole to be sure some debri (a hair?) is not physically being touched by the GPU fan.

    Likely, from your description, a transformer (or fan bearing) on your GPU is "starting to fail".

    = Al =
  2. I think there is something wrong with the gpu's fan.
    Check if it is tightly fixed to the gpu, or if it is somehow damaged.

    You could also check if there is something interfering with the airflow in the gpu fan.

    A cpu fun also gives out a lod buzz if one of its blades is cracked.
  3. thanks for the information.
    I just purchased the 5870 last week.
    I have a Asus 26in monitor and I am sure that I am using the correct pci-e 16x slot for my motherboard (Asus p7p55d-e pro I checked the manual and put into the color-coded blue slot).
    Is it possible that a high pitch buzz can be coming from my motherboard, cpu or cpu fan?
    If not, I'm going to get this card RMAd.
  4. Can the ram, motherboard, or cpu make a buzz noise?
  5. Is the 6 pin PCIE connector plugged in? I know this is a simple thing, but people miss it sometimes :) If you are lucky, that is the problem !!! =)
  6. 6pin pcie for power? Yea, i had two power plugs and I plugged the two 6pin power plugs into the graphics card.
  7. Well then ... have you run CPU-Z and checked on the graphics card memory and clock and everything? I have read about people RMA'ing their 5870's for similar problems however.
  8. Are you sure it's not coming from your PSU? High pitched noises like that indicate a defective component or a stressed out power supply
  9. What kind of PSU do you have?
  10. corsair 750x,
    the sound is coming from the gpu/cpu area for sure.
    I've been listening for a while. It's so annoying.
    I called ASUS and they said it might be because of the motherboard. Then my cpu goes all crazy lol Man, my first time build....very frustrating.
    I've rmad my motherboard and i'm going to get my cpu replaced from microcenter.
    I'll keep you guys updated on what happens.
  11. You really need to isolate the noise ! ! !

    Here we are ... 10 posts into the thread and you are STILL saying ... "I think it's coming from the CPU/GPU area .... ? ... ? Are you KIDDING ME ?!

    Pull the GPU ... The computer will run without it. Unplug all the power connectors from the gpu and pull it out of the slot and put it in a ziplock bag on the top shelf of your linen closet (unless that is where your computer is).

    . . . now . . . turn the computer on. Did you close the door to the linen closet ?

    . . . Do you still hear the SAME noise ?

    . . . If so ... is it a whisle, . . . a whine or . . . a buzz ???

    = Al =

  12. . . . YOU CAN ALSO use a pencil eraser to ***MOMENTARILY*** interrupt (first) the PSU cooling fan(s) (one at a time, if more than one PSU fan) ... AND ... You can do the same thing (not for more than one second in time, though) to the CPU COOLER FAN !

    Doing this to the various fans (just long enough to hear any difference .. a moment) will isolate the source (of noise) to being mechanical (due to moving parts) or "non mechanical" (solid state pre-fail).

    If you need to make a written data matrix with check boxes, then do that. Just be methodical and log your results. That is how you "pin it down" (literally, in this case)!

    Divide and Conquer !!! LET'S GET BOOLEAN !! HOO-rahhh !!

    = Al =
  13. lol i like your straight to the point attitude.
    I took out the gpu and it was still making the same noise.
    I separated the ram sticks sound was still there.
    I turned off the cpu fan for a couple of secs and the sound was still there.
    It sounds like those buzzes when the computer is calculating and working hard but it is high pitched so that it is really annoying. It goes over my fans and I can still hear it with my pc under the table.
    I rma my motherboard and install all my parts again.
    I'm a computer noob but is it possible that the sound is from my cpu?
    The reason I think it is the mobo is that I called ASUS and they said a capacitor on the mobo might be messed up. Therefore I rma, but I'll update next week when I get my new mobo.
  14. I agree with "who's next" my buddy had a problem like that, it turned out to be a slightly rubbing fan, he solved the problem but adding a dab of Extremely Low conductivity Mineral oil with a surgical syringe on the edge of the fan and on the axes point. and his problem was solved for the sound, hes been running it now for 8 months or so with no problems and no sound coming back. NOW BEFORE YOU DO THAT, you do it at your own risk, if you screw it up its not my fault.
  15. Look for a little speaker on the motherboard, (tiny little black round thing about dime sized) Unplug that, power up the system and see if you still hear the noise.
  16. It's probably the MOBO. The Asus P7P55D-E Pro is known to have a high pitched noise. The "fix" I have read is to turn c-states off but that affects turbo boosting and stuff.

    = Al =
  18. WAIT !! I've GOT IT !!

    ... Go back to the linen closet ... go inside ... shut the door ... plug your ears ....

    ... Do you STILL hear "the buzzing" ??

    = ok, ... not funny = (not very sensitive, anyway) ... sorry. ... snort.

    = Yer Pal =
  19. lol alvin.
  20. Just so you know ... Power Supplies do whistle or whine when starting to fail ...

    It can happen when they are new but usually after the first year.

    Older CRT monitors are NOTORIOUS for this and folks who are sensitive to higher frequencies ... er ... "frequently" complain of the whine.

    Failing capacitors are also notorious for this noise ... especially the larger "cans" which are in RCL filter networks ...

    Unplug the hard drive ... see if that does it.

    = Al =
  21. Interesting thread.

    Just so happens that I have experienced a high pitched noise myself tonight when I tried to upgrade my graphics card.

    I've been using a Nvidia 8800gts and decided to upgrade to an ATI 5870.

    What a beast that card is. Dang big compared to the 8800. Well, it wouldn't fit in the same slot so I had to move my

    sound card up, wrangle my inner case slots for the HD and then it fit at the bottom PCI slot. Connected my 6 pin

    connector, monitor cable etc and turned on the power and immidiately a high pitch noise that said to me "TURN IT OFF"!

    so I did. I checked for anything touching my fans, anything out of the ordinary and when I was satisfied that all looked

    A-ok ....I turned it on again. YIKES! high pitch noise again. Well, I decided to take the new graphics card out and put

    the 8800 back in and guess what?

    no noise.

    These are my specs

    Asus Maximus Formula
    8 G ram
    Corsair 520 W PSU
    Creative xfi extreme sound
    Nvidia 8800 gts

    I have a new Corsair 750 W PSU coming from newegg in a couple days

    could it be my poor little 520 W psu screaming at me when I turn it on with the new card in ?
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