How much does brand matter?

i was wondering how much the brand of the graphics card mattered if two different cards had all the same specs. Could i just choose the card by what has the lowest price (Diamond) or best warranty (XFX)?

btw, my question is refering to the 5850's
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  1. It all depends on how much you value warranties, XFX has the best warranties in the business, but you can get decent warranties from even less brands.
  2. XFX video card has double life time warranty, but their RMA service is awful according to many of its owners.
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    Most of the difference is the warranty, like others have already posted. Other than that, most of the reference cards are fairly similar. If you start getting into non-reference cards, then things start to change a bit and you have to find out how each particular design performs, but most of the brands (at least the big ones) are going to have solid performance from reference and non-reference boards.
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  5. Saphire and Asus have tweaked designs which offer higher performance. XFX has "double lifetime warranty" but only if you register in 30 days.
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