Tires of the crashing GTX285

Hello all , does anyone know how to fix the livekernelevent error video crash ? Sometimes I can game for a week and sometimes it crashes within 10 seconds. My card has never gone above 58c as my case has good cooling. I have tested all the hardware and had no failures. This problem seems to happen more in Bad Company 2. The funny thing is that it happened on my old 780i C2D E8400 just as frequently. I even purchased a new PSU when i went to I5. Same damn problem......... My screen displays some random color and I am forced to do a hard reboot. I called EVGA and they really don't have any other suggestions besides RMA'ing. The support rep was doubtful that it was the video card because of how sporadic the problem is.

From what I can tell by reading a lot is that this seems to be a driver related issue. I have tried them all. Some seem to work better than others but nothing will fix this problem. I have tried down clocking , driver sweep/reinstall , and even reformatting.

Nothing is or has been overclocked.

This is really pissing me off.........................................

Does anyone have any ideas ? Please help.

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  1. Thread title should be "Tired" of the crashing. Correct if you like.
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  3. This game just went LIVE from Beta this week, did it not ?
    Nvidia released a new driver just the other day ,have you given that a shot ?
  4. Sounds like you have tried everything. You tested all hardware, temps are within spec, tried different drivers, the card did the same thing with different hardware, you reformatted. I would RMA the thing.
  5. @ Notty Yes I have. I did a full driver sweep and even went through my registry to make sure it was clean. The game is on it's 3rd day but non of the other members in my gaming community are having this problem.

    What's odd is that last night I played the single player on high for about an hour with no problems. Figuring I fixed the problem I jumped into the multiplayer only to have it crash within 10 minutes. Anyone know what's up with that ?

    Anyway . I just went to Fry's and picked up a BFG GTX260 MC55 to test out. If it works I will RMA the card.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    If you can repeat problems in another game, besides this one, then it might be the card(gpu). If not, then its the game/driver unique to your hardware config. When I played the demo, right off the bat, I had mouse lose focus immediately, and just look straight up, forever. i googled that and sure enough others had the same thing. Never tried the demo again.
  7. whats the same between your previous system and your current system?
  8. LOL yeah the beta was garbage. Too many bugs to list. The release "when working" is amazing.

    Well , I can replicate the problem with the 285 in any game. It even did it in old school Doom 3. I will get back with results of the test tonight
  9. oh yeah the error just fyi

    LiveKernelEvent BCCode117
  10. obsidian86 said:
    whats the same between your previous system and your current system?

    HDD which has been formatted. This is by far the toughest problem to fix I have ever dealt with.
  11. If you DO end up RMA'ing the card, see if you can exchange it for an HD5850. It's cheaper, and does much better. Won't have any issues on an intel mobo either.
  12. Well I reformatted again last night and tried one more time with my 285. I played for about 30 minutes then ..boom... green screen with sound loop. SOB...

    Installed the 260 with according drivers and I was able to play for about 2 hours with no crash before I went to bed.

    EVGA has started the RMA process for me so hopefully the problem will be resolved upon receipt of the new card. From what I have read though I am a little skeptical.

    20 pages of issues and suggestions with no real solution.
  13. shadow187 said:
    If you DO end up RMA'ing the card, see if you can exchange it for an HD5850. It's cheaper, and does much better. Won't have any issues on an intel mobo either.

    If I have the problem with the new card I will be moving to ATI for sure.
  14. There's a little problem with that, EVGA only makes nVidia cards, will be kind of hard to exchange it for a 5850.
    If you can return the card then I would do that and get a 5850.
  15. At this point I do not even care about the money so I would just buy a new card. I just want a working system.
  16. If your mobo supports CF, just go with Dual HD5770's or a single HD5850 -> later CF.
  17. So I picked up a BFG 260 core 55 and no more crashing. I currently have a RMA in progress. Thanks to all that assisted. Will advise when I get the new card tuesday. I hope it's not bad. I have read stories about people that have gone through 4 or 5 RMA's on this 2GB card before getting one that functions properly.
  18. Well I got the RMA card and everything works fine. thanks for the comments.
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