Seagate external hard drive failure

I have the following hard drive. It started making a clicking noise and now I can sometimes see my files but they are empty or the computer does not recognize the drive at all. What are my options and if data recovery is my only option can you reccommmend a reputable company.

Seagate Barracuda LP 1.5TB

SN 5XW00X60
PN 9TN15R-568

Drive will spin up. Makes clicking noise. SMART indicates bad clusters.
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  1. bring it to a local computer store and request data backup
    if its clicking its close to failing
    you have bad sectors they are created when the hard drive head scratches against the platters if you wait the bad sectors will just spread
  2. There's a Hungarian company called "Kürt". They're the kind that opens up the hard drive in a laboratory and take out the platters so that no further scratching/damage from bad mechanics occur. Unfortunately they are pretty expensive (a 400-1100 GBP for a hard disk drive, converted from HUF (Hungarian Forint): ), but I guess that's what it means to be professional.

    I'm not sure how/if they provide services internationally. But if you have the money, and your data is irreplaceable, you surely want to chose a company like this caliber, not your neighbour's little son.
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