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Problem: Every time I OC, I go to stress test (4.0-4.8 tested) and get lots of pinging temps ranging 80c-100c, Even everything at stock (3.5) while running Darkfall (cpu intense game) holds at mid 60c's, idle at apx 30c. Anyone have any ideas on how I can OC and run where Im not spiking above 80ish? 85 maybe? Specs are below

New to OCing and am having trouble keeping reasonable temps during OC process. Currently running:
CPU: I7-3770k
Mobo: Ga-z77x-UD5H
case: CM Storm Trooper
Corsair HC80 water cooling unit (unit came w/ pre applied thermal paste, assumed this was sufficient)
PSU- Raid Max 850AE (gold rated)

Ive tried manually OCing (albeit didnt really play with voltage much) & tried using Easytune 6 and results ended up being same.

At this point im not sure if using a program would be best, if my manual settings are just wrong or if i need to re apply paste or what but would appreciate any help. thanks
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  1. Im fairly new to playing with anything other than stock settings on my pc, so with that said no I havent played with fan speeds. I'll google it and figure out how to put them to full, I dont "know" that the pump is working propperly, the unit lights up and the fans run. I should mention I have air flow being sucked from outside into the fan so it can go across the cpu and be sucked up through the top.

    Ill try to replace the thermal paste first i suppose and give a closer listen to the HC80, do you have a self ready water cooling unit you would reccomend?
  2. Cooler master hyper 212 evo air cooler for CPU is still the best.
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