Giving a New life to old laptop

Hi, i have a wish to give for my old laptop a new life
Laptop Fujitsu SIEMENS AMILO L7310GW
Cpu is intel celeron m 1600mhz/1m
Gpu 64mb
RAM 1gb
HDD 51gb (60gb)
no sound :O
dead battery :D
Screen has dark spot
Licensed Windows XP
new Wlan card
What should i do?
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  1. Find a local computer recycling center, drop off old laptop, then go buy a new laptop. Considering you going to be dumping atleast $150(screen and battery) and a few hrs of time, into fixing it. That old laptop isnt worth putting any money into. Any current $300 laptop is easily much faster.
  2. I know that other ideas? i just want to see how fast it will go I have a procesor that fits here cpu speed is 2.13ghz how do you think put him or not?
  3. Sure why not but that machine is pretty much used up, scrap it and use the parts towards something like a Dell Inspiron 9300 which still beats many of the Atom laptops that people cough up $300 these days.
  4. You said that i should throw this laptop in to the trash bin! I said no and what i got
    New sound system from packcardbell
    Processor 1.7ghz
    New Windows 8 pro for performance
    New cooler, A 0.30
    Some new wents
    New wireless internet card

    Now this laptop works fine
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