6-channel CL8 vs 3-channel CL9 12gb memory

I'll be using the memory most likely on a Rampage III Extreme, i7 960 cpu, or somthing similar to that, and it'll be (mostly) for gaming.

Now, the question is should i get the Corsair 6x2 kit, which has CL8 (here) or the 3x4 kit, with CL9 (here)? 3 way channel may run better, but the 6 way one has lower latency.

Also, would it be worth considering the 2000MHz version? I dont really intend to do much overclocking, if any, and i'm not sure it would make much of a difference for gaming on an i7 quad core.
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  1. Rule of thumb, always use the least amount of RAM sticks as possible, especially when overclocking. More sticks = more chances at instability, go with the 3 x 4...
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