Best case for internal radiator mountage

Well Ive had the bug to convert my whole system into a water cooled monster but i just don't like the look of an external mounted radiator(s).
So the case that I'm looking at is the Cooler Master HAF932, which can hold 3 2x120mm fan radiators and 1 1x120mm fan radiators.

The only issue is, the HAF932 isn't beautiful like for example the Silverstone TJ07.

I like how the HAF looks but it doesn't win any major prizes so it would be awesome if anyone had any suggestions on a case that looks great and can hold a great amount of radiators inside the case

Cost isnt an option.
thanks again
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  1. If I'm not mistaken the Antec 1200 can... whatever the case you should go for a full ATX tower. While their weight can give you hernia, it's always best to give high-end hardware components as much space as possible.
  2. Possibly even look into server racks. There are a lot of over-sized options in that arena. Although not usually as aesthetically pleasing, a dremmel could help with that.
  3. Go with . im about to build a new pc with water cooling and im totaly going with mountain mods. no regular full tower i can find will fi my needs for a descent watercooling setup.
  4. Go For a CM 690 II Advanced. Brutal Good Looks. slightly cheaper, but it can only hold 2x 240mm radiators and 1x120mm, don't know why you would be looking for more than that?

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