SSD benchmark scores are fine, but low WEI?

I have the 60gb agility 3 from OCZ, they rate their drives using the ATTO disk benchmark. I just downloaded the program and i am getting the rated speeds for my drive, 450mb's write and 550mb's read (write is lower but read is higher, close enough). But my problem is my low WEI score of 7.2

I get that WEI is not terribly important, but honestly it bothers me lol. If you go check all the reviews on it at newegg most people are getting a 7.8 or 7.9 with this drive. My SSD is still the lowest score in my system when it should be tied with my ram for the fastest!
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  1. I believe i am on the proper sata 3 connector but i could not find any information on it in my MB's manual or website. If i go into device manager under ide/ata controllers i have 6 channels, 1-5 are unpopulated and the sixth says "Intel (R) 6 series/C200 Series Chipset Family 6 Port Sata AHCI controller-1C02", that is the onboard controller correct?
  2. Here is the driver page for my motherboard:

    Do i need to install any of the ones that say "serial ata", or are the ones windows auto installed good enough?
  3. Download and install the lastest Intel Serial ATA AHCI/RAID Controller update.
  4. They both say raid tho....thats whats throwing me off here. So i should install the one that says "Intel Serial ATA AHCI/RAID Controller" ?
  5. Hmm if i click to download it just brings me to a "page not available" screen.
  6. Try getting it straight from Intel.

    You need the chipset drivers and/or Intel Rapid Storage Tech, even if you are not in RAID.
  7. I tried doing searches on intels site but apparently im too stupid to find the correct drivers lol.

    Just so weird they are gone from biostars website, they were there like a week ago.
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