Problems with my Graphics card

I have noticed that my XFX Radeon 7770 Ghz edition is running at a GPU clock off 300Mhz, and a memory clock off 150Mhz. In the cayalyst studio in AMD Overdrive; it says my default is at a GPU clock of 1000Mhz and a memory clock off 1125Mhz. I have installed the latest drivers and that still hasn't made a difference.
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  1. this is a power saving features on the graphic card it will run at low speed if you dont need it,load gpu-z then click bus interface you will a box render rest start the test and look at the ovedrive panel for the change since card work with a load .
  2. I have Techpowerup open, but see no bus interface
  3. press the blue ? mark in techpowerup it will start rendering and you will see your card run at it 3.0 specs .
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