New motherboard with q6600 and 8800gt no screen output

i broke my last motherboard.(i tested all components separatly and it was the motherboard) and replaced it with a new one.
after the replacement my screen refuses to wake on startup. the hdd does not stir and all other indicators are good, execpt that it will sometimes reboot after bieng on for a minuite.
i tested the psu and found it good. i have tested this with the on board graphics and my 8800gt (an asus model) sometimes, when the screen is plugged in it will make as if to turn on (ie light turn from orange to green) but no display
thanks for any help/ideas for further testing
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  1. Please perform EVERY step in the READ before posting about boot/no video problems! sticky and let us know how it goes. The checklist was created to troubleshoot this exact type of problem.
  2. Check you motherboard BIOS and make sure it looks at the PCI-e slot first on boot. I've had a few cases where auto wouldn't work correctly.

    make sure you plugged in the 8800gt pci-e connector and that your psu has enough juice on the 12v rails.
  3. @shortstuff_mt sorry- should have mentioned that id already run through those tests.
    @psykhiqzero - it wont work with integrated graphics either
  4. So there was no change when trying each stick of RAM by itself? You're 100% sure the CPU power connector near the CPU socket and the 6-pin PCI power connector are both firmly plugged in?

    What are the complete system specs?
  5. yes- both are plugged in- i tried it, ran the tests recommended, and then rebuilt the whole system again.
    im not at home atm so i cant give the full specs.
    will edit post when i am at home.
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