1 SSD for 2 different computers as boot drive

Is it possible to use one SSD as a boot drive for 2 different computers?
Create 2 partitions and install win7 on each partition for each computer?

Can this be done?
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  1. Only If you want to use one computer at a time.....

    There is no way to "share" a sata connector.
  2. Suppose you could put the SSD in a network enclosure and boot from LAN to it. But, would think you'd see some performance loss from the overhead. /shrug
  3. Yes, you could do it. But it'd have to be physically moved from one to the other. A Mobile Rack or hot swap bay in each PC would work.

    I don't think you can boot from LAN. And it wouldn't be fast! 10-20MBps maybe, lots of overhead on a network.

    You would be setting up "Dual Boot," and have to tweak the MBR. But this is possible.

    But why?
  4. :??: There are just some questions that you just cannot see the logic in the line of reasoning, and this is one of them.
  5. My intention is to physically move the drive between computers. Desktop to my laptop when travelling.

    Is this as simple as creating 2 partitions and installing the OS on each?

    Thanks for the anwsers
  6. No, You have to set it up as Dual Boot, to tell the drive (or OS) which version to load upon start up.

    With the same OS, it should be pretty easy. Goggle "Dual Boot Windows," and you'll need something like EasyBCD to set up the MBR for Dual Boot. It's alot of reading, but may be worth it, for what you want.

    I assume you want to take some files with you on your travels, so why don't you get an external hard drive instead.

    Although the files you'll use when in the desktop are still there, I'd be easier to sync up the desktop to the external, then to the laptop, with the software that comes with the drive.

    If not, you'd want to partion up the SSD with 3 partitions:

    1- Desktop OS
    2- Laptop OS
    3- Data/Media files

    Depending on the size of your files, you may need a large SSD.


    P.S. The external drive would be easier than pulling a drive to and fro.
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