Dirt 2 Code Giveaway - New Winner in First post! 2nd draw complete!!!!


eklipz330 didn't msg:(

New winner:

randomizer! -- hmmmm........funny the name actually fits...lmao

Congratulations! MSG me within 24 hours to claim your Dirt 2 code, and please let me know if you prefer it through email or THG msging system:) (or w.e form you want to receive it:))

Like Mr.Generous (Annisman) I found myself with an extra Dirt 2 Promo code from ATi.

-Rules are you need to have atleast 50 posts in the forum. I'm sorry but I'm doing this competition to people that have been helping THG community not internet browsers.

- No duplicate accounts

- Thats it

Contest Ends March 8th 2010 at 12 p.m EST winners will be announced sometime after. The winner will receive the dirt 2 code.


Posting Rules

Here is what you need to type out (yes please type it out, unless its in your sig, please paste it in a post):

-System Specs

-Who do you prefer AMD/Intel, VGA: Nv/ATI

-At the end you need to say why consoles suck (you can be as breif or specific as you want:))

Optional (pics), 3Dmark, Benchmarks etc

Winners must msg me their email with in 24 hours, and they will receive the code, if you prefer receiving the code through private msg, PM me and say so.

Again credit should go to Annisman since he inspired this 1.

Winners are chosen at Random, but make your everything that needs to be posted is posted, otherwise we'll move onto the next user:)

Thank You and Good luck


Annisman your not allowed....JKS:) LOL
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  1. Good move Bro =)

    My new Asus 5850 though listed and pictured as a Dirt 2 version was not :(

    So here is my next try for it...

    My Rig atm:
    Asus P5K Prem Black Pearl Edition
    Q6600 @ 3.6GHz
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 HSF
    4 GB OCZ PC2 8500
    Asus 5850 (well, will have on the 9th - my B'day - to upgrade my 8800GT)
    HDD's Lots 3.54TB worth
    Antec P182
    CoolerMaster CoolDrive4 fan Controller
    Bunch of Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 fans with added 5v resistors to lower noise
    Seasonic S12 500W Silent
    G19 + G5
    BenQ G2420HDBL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor

    What I like:
    despite having a Q6600 I'd prefer to head AMD (last chip was Opteron @ 2.5GHz) to lend my support to a great innovative company bringing good products at fair prices. Just at the time I got this the Q6600 was such a good buy + OCer!

    We have all seen how Intel and NVidia can be on pricing their products!

    Like wise to GFx but again the Asus 8800GT had no competition at that time from ATi for the price... (gotta give NVidia that one)
    Have now corrected my errant ways with an Asus 5850 and hope to see AMD keep the other two on their toes for a long time to come ~_^

    Consoles...... - You sure you wanted to open that can o' worms LMAO

    Man, where to start!

    I have Never bought a console - joystick auto aimed FPS... need I say more :pfff:

    ah, couldn't resist LOL

    I seem to keep missing great games... and if lucky get shoddily ports games 6months to a year later - with the same one button for Crouch, Jump and Open!?!? missing Lots of graphical options.

    Even MS dropped recent PC versions of games to make exclusive to their XBox
    And I bought their Gaming DX11 supporting Win7 just for gaming --- I mean, come on Microsoft, where is the love :kaola: :love:

    Will do some benchmarking over the next few days and post em up too.

    have fun with your giveaway and good luck to everyone! :D
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  3. -System Specs:

    * Athlon64 X2 4400+ Toledo core @2.53Ghz (s939 FTW!)
    * Cooler Master Gemini II (Sweet indeed)
    * 2GB (512MB x4) Corsair XMS CL2.5 DDR3200 @230Mhz (FTW!)
    * Sapphire Radeon 4890 1GB GDDR5 (Don't ask xD!)
    * DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-D (I burnt the original HSF from the chipset, rofl; now it has a Vantec ICERBQ).
    * 3 WD's making around 900GB of storage (lots o' good ol' bytes)
    * Samsung 743NX (1280x1024@75Hz/5ms for cheap!)
    * Audigy SE (please oh please, don't ask xD!)

    -Who do you prefer AMD/Intel, VGA: Nv/ATI

    I like them all, actually... Wichever gives me the best experience I look for when I wanna build a new rig. My GF has a P4 Northwood with a 7800GS (AGP) and she loves it and I love her, lolz.

    -At the end you need to say why consoles suck (you can be as breif or specific as you want)

    They didn't suck when you could have almost no intersection between games... But they suck now because they make game productions/development expensive and low quality overall. Stopping SW development around games because of zero HW mods/upgrade options (again, that's overall). They've always been PCs though... Bastard childs, maybe, rofl.

    That's it liquid.


    EDIT: Typos.
  4. -System Specs

    *e8400 @ 3.6ghz w/ xigmatek dark knight
    *g. skill pi black ddr2 800 2x2gb
    *hd 4850
    *maximus formula x38
    *corsair hx750
    *raptor 150gb hdd
    *cm scout case

    -Who do you prefer AMD/Intel, VGA: Nv/ATI

    I prefer the one that offers me the best performance for the money.

    No fanboy here, next build will probably be an AMD one

    -At the end you need to say why consoles suck (you can be as brief or specific as you want:))

    Because my 360 keeps rrod'ing on me. People keep telling me how "pc's are unreliable".

    Well my 360 has broke down more times then my pc. That's 5 times in 4 years! How's that for stability fanboys!
  5. I wouldn't mind getting it to actually see what these cards can do with Dx11

    C2Q 9400 at 3ghz
    Gigabyte Ep45 Ud3p
    4 gigs hyperx at 1066
    2 5770's in X-fire
    Seagate 500 gig hd
    Alienware N1000P-00 1000W
    Alienware Area 51 case
    Lite-On dvd-r-rw

    Well I would love to have me some AMD processors if I wasn't broke as ***. I got the current cpu as a present so couldn't argue its a bit better than a damn p4 at 3.2 ghz. When it comes to graphic cards I usually go with the company that has the best price/performance ratio. As of late I have been getting Ati for builds other than my own and love them.

    All I can say to consoles sucking is four RROD's in 6 months GTFO!
  6. here, check out this cool Dirt 2 video I just saw:


    Not played a good racing game for Ages - Last one I got Really hooked one was StarWars Pod Racer using my MS ForceFeedBack Pro joystick LOL

    One way or another I am getting a copy of this game :D
  7. Specs:
    CPU - Athlon II X4 630 OC'd to 3.6GHz
    RAM - DDR3 1333 OC'd to 1532 MHz
    GPU - 5770 OC'd
    PSU - Cosair 650TX
    Mobo - GA-MA790GPT-UD3H

    I prefer AMD/ATI

    Why consoles suck:

    I personally despise consoles, they have lackluster hardware, poor capabilities, and horrible controllers.

    To me the Xbox360 & PS3's controllers are almost alien, I love the feel of a mouse in my hand & a keyboard under. I really just don't like it, the knobs don't have the freedom of a mouse and there's often ZERO customizable controls & custom controllers (Joysticks, steering wheels)

    They have lackluster hardware, the PS3 has a GPU that is comparable to a 7800GTX & the touted 8 core 3.2GHz CPU is actually 1 very simple core & 7 SPU's, the core is forced to give custom code to the SPU's. Even a 4670 is better than the PS3's GPU.

    They advertise multitasking, but webbrowsing is hell without a keyboard, can't run the millions of programs X86 PC's can and very expensive games with low resolution visuals (often 720p) and very pricey add-on hardware.

    I want code through PM!!!
  8. Awesome, sign me up!

    System Specs

    CPU- AMD Phenom II 720 BE Unlocked 4th core
    GPU- 8600 GTS
    RAM- Ripjaws at 1333
    PSU-Antec TruePower 750w

    I prefer AMD CPU's, and ATI GPU's

    -Consoles suck because they arent anywhere near as competitive as PC gaming. Most console games are so sluggish compared to PC games, almost anyone can play them and do well.
  9. Alright, sign me up too.

    System specs: in sig. GPU clock 744 core 1024 mem.

    I prefer AMD CPUs slightly, but what fits mine and others needs best wins out. As for GPUs, its a total toss up. I do prefer Lian Li and Silverstone cases over anything else for what that's worth. Oh and I prefer to buy G.Skill RAM.

    Why I hate consoles? Well I own an Xbox 360 and PS3 so I can be pretty blatant here:
    -Upscaling, upscaled 720p =/= 1080p.
    -Controllers for action games, nuff said.
    -Auto aim, yes it gets its own bullet.
    -the shlty headset for the 360
    -Kids barely in their teens
    -noobtubers, that's a MW2 exclusive
    -noob snipers, every FPS has them and you know it. A sniper is not meant to use 5 bullets to hit a target
    -Noise, common can't we get a better cooling system for these things?
    -Did I mention auto aim?
    -noobs in general
    -Forza 3 noobs with 999 point cars that don't handle for shlt

    So there you go.

    Thanks L1qu1d.
  10. This is great Liquid, you're a stand up guy.

    With that being said (considering we are always competing) I actually already gave a copy of Dirt 2 away, back when I bought my 5870's. :kaola:

    Someone is really going to enjoy this game, it is def. the best racing sim I have ever played, and with a force feedback wheel, the rewards are that much greater.

    Good luck to everyone.

    P.S. you're going to start an AMD/INTEL flame war in this thread just for your enjoyment eh ? I like it.

    Also: I love how people have to mention why they hate consoles, I spotted two consoles under your TV in the last pics of your rig. :lol:

    I have a PS3, and I hate it too...except when I need to play sports games of course.
  11. haha its alove hate relationship between me and the consoles. Consoles for exclusives, rpgs, sports and FF13:D
  12. System Specs

    XFX 780i motherboard
    Intel Q6600 2.4ghz processor @ 3.2ghz 1600mhz fsb
    Sunbeam Tuniq Tower HSF
    OCZ Platinum RAM 5-4-4-15 8gb 800mhz
    EVGA G92 8800gts 512mb Graphics Card OC (740mhz core, 972mhz memory, 1890mhz shader)
    Creative X-FI Xtreme Gamer Sound Card
    Corsair HX850 Pro Grade PSU
    Western Digital SE16 320gb Hard Drive (50gb OS Partition, Rest for Games and Apps)
    1TB Storage Drive
    Samsung OEM DVD/CD Burner/Player
    Antec P182 Case
    Razer Lycosa Keyboard
    Razer Mamba Mouse
    Steelseries Tempered Glass Mousepad
    Razer Carcharias Headset
    Sony MHC-GX450 Mini Hi-Fi 400w 2.1
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium

    I've always been a Nvidia/Intel fan, not a fanboi though... They had the best offerings at the time a purchased my system, and we'll see if they do when it's- time to upgrade. I'll go with the best :)

    Consoles suck because you can't OC them.

    Suicide Run
  13. Wow, good one. Sign me up.

    Specs are on my sig. additional:
    -Generic Keyboard (planning to replace with Logitech G15)
    -Samsung Syncmaster 2494HS 24" 1080p monitor
    -A4Tech X7 mouse
    -CM Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler
    -HEC Raptor 500W

    *I've since put in a blue cold-cathode tube. I haven't taken a picture since.

    I've always sort of liked Intel and nVidia in the past. With the advent of my extensive research, however, I've changed my stance. Although I was correct (somehow) with sticking with Intel, I'm still waiting to see what nVidia has to go against the Radeon 5000 series. The computer I have now is my first ever build. Components are handpicked, and have gone through my extensive research method before I decided to add them to the list of things to buy. I love my i5 and HD5750. Let's see if nVidia's 400 series will change that. I'm pretty much staying away from Intel/AMD switches because it's expensive to change motherboards as well.

    Can you change the processor of a console? Can you change the RAM or processor of a console? Can you change the GPU of a console? So far, the answer to all of the above questions is no. That alone, I think, makes consoles suck big time. Apart from being a sizable investment, it's also dedicated to playing games. That's not a problem if everything you do is to play games. However, PCs can play games and help you with homework. You can also watch virtually any video, listen to any kind of music, talk to your friends, and make a movie. Plus, if you get tired because of the crappy performance of component X, then you can simply buy a replacement to component X. Unlike with consoles, you have to replace the whole thing. And every "upgrade" entails many other purchases, such as new controllers, games, accessories, etc. With a PC: turn off, remove component X, attach replacement for component X, turn on, and voila, back to whatever you were doing, with everything else you've paid for still working.

    The last console I owned was a PS1. I own a DS, but I hardly use it. I've used a PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, PSP, and Wii. None of them made me want to get them badly, so I passed on everything even though my cousins got them. Now I have a badass gaming PC while they don't. This is a hobby I will indulge in. :)

    I don't have Futuremark products, so I don't have any to post. My build is pretty common, though. I'm pretty sure my build has a twin out there. :)
  14. i7 920
    MSI X58 Pro-E
    Corsair HX-520
    G.Skill DDR3-1333
    Zotac GTX275
    Coolermaster CM690
    Samsung 2253BW
    Probably something else

    I don't really have a company preference. I get what gives me the most performance for my dollar. In most cases that has meant second-hand CPUs :lol: Video cards have been brand new since my X1950 pro though.

    Consoles suck because they can't render beautifully raytraced images fast enough. Also, I don't like thumbsticks.

    On a side note, let's not get too carried away with giveaways :) I'm a bit busy at the moment but I'll try and come up with some more streamlined and structured system over the weekend so that we don't have 3 stickies going at once. ;)
  15. Nice one L1qu1d. I already have the game (so I'm not entering) and it is a lot of fun, so I'm sure whoever gets it will enjoy it a lot. All these giveaways make we want to give away my old 4850,though who knows if I'll ever get around to that.
  16. Pailin said:
    Good move Bro =)

    My new Asus 5850 though listed and pictured as a Dirt 2 version was not :(

    So here is my next try for it...

    Did you try giving Asus or the site you bought it from that had it pictured as including it a call to complain !! - I've heard of a few people getting the code after complaining about it not being included as pictured !! (never hurts to try.)
  17. Yea, newegg sent me COD WAW once, when they were supposed to send me Stalker Clear Sky (it combo'd with a video card). So, I kindly asked them if I could send it back, for a copy of clear sky (because I already had WAW!) And they sent me clear sky free of charge, so I got both games for free = )

    Always worth a shot.
  18. -System Specs

    Antec 300 Case w/ Antec 650W Earthwatts 80c PSU
    Biostar 790GXE AM2+/AM3 Mobo 128M Sideport 3200 Radeon.javascript:%20void(0);
    1x XFX Radeon 5770, 1x Sapphire 5770 Crossfired
    8GB Ballstix DDR2 800MHZ Memory
    AMD Phenom II x4 940 B.E @ 3.45ghz
    Win7 64bit
    1 72GB Raptor HDD
    1 250GB HDD Both Sata
    LiteOn 52x DVD Burner / 4x Bluray Burner / 52x CD Burner Sata
    LG External BluRay Drive

    -Who do you prefer AMD/Intel

    For the past few builds prior to this one, I preferred Intel switching to a P4D from an AMD Athlon 2200+ (Thunderbird). I went from the P4D 3.0ghz to a Core 2 Duo E7200, which was alright for a dual core. However for this build I made recently I purchased a Phenom II X4 and it is amazing compared to the performance I was getting out of the old E7200, plus it even cost LESS then the E7200 did at the time, so it was a great price $140. So Right now, though Intel has the upper hand, I prefer AMD. i7s are amazing but I don't want to spend $700 for the best.

    VGA: Nv/ATI

    Again, this is the same situation. I was a Geforce man from Geforce 2 -> Geforce 3 -> Geforce 4 Ti 400 -> Geforce FX5850 -> Geforce 6800U -> Geforce 7900 GT. However when it came time to upgrade the GT the 4800 series had hit from ATI, and offered HUGE performance differences, plus were DX10.1 compatible which Nvidia wasn't. Then when it came time to upgrade again from my 4850 Nvidia was still pushing the same GPUs that they were when I got my 4850, so getting the 5XXX Series with DX11 support was a no brainer. However I am all about price/pref and if Nvidia came out with a card that truly trumped what ATI has to offer, my next upgrade would be back to Nvidia.

    -At the end you need to say why consoles suck (you can be as brief or specific as you want:))

    I am not going to say the suck per say, I would like to go on record saying gaming is fun no matter how you play it. They do however have a distinct disadvantage of being outdated before they are launched, or right after they are launched. And they do degrade the quality of some PC games that were sourced from console source code rather than leading with PC. That I can say does make many PC games suffer.

    Optional (pics), 3Dmark, Benchmarks etc

  19. Hi id like to enter the draw, if possible.
    I got 77 posts on tom's.
    My computer configuration:
    liquid cooled i7 920 and XFX HD 5870
    6 gigs of 1333 DDR3 ram
    720 gigs of hdd
    850 watt psu
    Thermaltake Kandalf LCS case

    Got 39 000 points (about) on 3d mark vantage entry, 19 000 on performance

    Intel, cos they are more powerfull

    ATI: better graphic cards

  20. JDFan said:
    Did you try giving Asus or the site you bought it from that had it pictured as including it a call to complain !! - I've heard of a few people getting the code after complaining about it not being included as pictured !! (never hurts to try.)

    I tried calling Aria - they just tried to fob me off saying:

    "Product description ASUS EAH5850/G/2DIS/1GD5 - graphics adapter - Radeon HD 5850 - 1 GB"

    the above code was just their internal stock code.
    But I know the G there means it is the copy with Dirt 2.

    All the UK vendors use the same codes, it is not just their own internal stock code.

    They said they would get their product descriptions and images changed (obviously not bothered doing it even):

    Aria Asus 5850

    Kinda gives you the impression you get the game right???

    They just said I could reutrn the card...
    costing me more money - half what the gae is worth really.

    Might try calling Asus - not a bad idea.
  21. ok, so not done any real benchmarking yet...
    but just for curiosity:

    just checked and my folks have one of those plug in gadgets for measuring wattage drawn here so been having a play:

    Same system mentioned in 2nd post in this thread - if you want to see more detail except for these tests is clocked at 3GHz (I don't need more yet..., think s of 5850 again, and runs cooler)
    For these test results - is only the main PC box and other separate powered plugged devices like Monitor and Stereo etc.

    My system with Q6600 @ 3GHz and 8800GT Stock - Idles @ 190watts

    For the following tests I took the peak power displayed – for P95 & FurMark together avg figure was 20watts lower

    On my system with Q6600 @ 3GHz and 8800GT Stock
    Prime95 small FFT’s and FurMark 1280x1024 = 368watts

    For the FarCry 2 I took the Peak power draw only – was pretty steady with 3watt variation.

    On my system with Q6600 @ 3GHz and 8800GT Stock
    Gaming on FarCry 2 1920x1080 no AA all Very High = 268watts

    was surprising how much power FurMark pulled - is 1st time I have run this little app.

    Will add more tests after some benchmarking or in 2 days after I get my 5850 ^^
  22. 40 more minutes!
  23. *crosses his fingers*
  24. Hehehe =)

    Good Luck All
  25. OK Officially Closed!:) Look at first post for winner:)
  26. That was a nice run for that Rig Lucuis :)

    will see what I can do in a bit when it finished downloading - have a fairly similar system.

    I know mine makes 3.6.GHz ok, not sure it it was stable at 3.8GHz... or that my 8800GT will clock that high all round.

    Will do a slightly tamer run I think and see ...
  27. Thanks for that little competition L1qu1d - is fun ^^

    and Congratz eklipz330, hope you have fun with that =)
  28. Congrats to eklipz330.

    @L1qu1d, let me know when he's been in touch then I'll unsticky this.
  29. Nice, gratz eklipz330! xD!

  30. Mousemonkey said:
    Congrats to eklipz330.

    @L1qu1d, let me know when he's been in touch then I'll unsticky this.

    I sure, 7 hours in lol 17 more hours to go! hahah then I move onto the next winner:)
  31. Just to tag on a quick benchie

    On my system with Q6600 @ 3GHz and 8800GT Stock

    3DMark2006 1.2.0 @ 1280x1024 = 280watts (257 for CPU tests)

    13,171 3DMarks
    4,638 CPU Score
  32. 4 more hours to claim prize, winner still has yet to message me!
  33. ooh!

    The competition could still be on...

    best get a move on eklipz330 else you will be kicking yourself hard lol ;)
  34. 40 mins count Down!
  35. better get moving where ever you are eklipz330 :hello:
  36. I'll never understand people who enter, and then disappear when it's drawing time.
  37. lol I guess they dont think they have a chance!:P

    Anyways I'm off to school, Leave a msg Randomizer!
  38. ooops...

    somehow I think randomizer might make it in time lol
  39. Bummer- I missed this one- just saw it. Oh well- thanks for joining the giveaway fray L1qu1d:-)
  40. Oooo now I can race my dad :D But with a keyboard :cry:
  41. Congrats Randomizer!
  42. Have fun with that matey =)

    yeah, but that just makes it all the sweeter when you whip his ass LOL

    oh, and tnx again L1qu1d :D
  43. Alright, so he answered my call:) The constest is over, and randomizer is the winner!:D
  44. Way to go Radomizer, congrats on the win.
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