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First water cooling loop I already have the radiators and suitable fans for now, but everything else is on the table. I have done some planning but I'm a little unsure about a few things, any feed back is welcome.

Case: Cooler Master HAF XM - A small amount of Modding will be done to accomodate the loop
Radiators: 2 x XSPC AX 240 Radiators - 1 pull fans @ 1650 RPM, 1 push pull fans @ 1650 RPM or less - Already have them
Pump: MCP 655 and XSPC dual bay reservoir
Fans: 4x Corsair AF120 performance fans that I have lying around until a quieter option is available
GPU Block: EK-FC680 FTW Block for GPU - Only available block for my current card
CPU Block: XSPC raystorm CPU Block

Heres a link to my plans (sorry they're on MS paint (: )

And my current set up to give you an Idea what I'm working with - on air - with h100i

There are a few points in the loop that I am concerned might degrade performance, I need about 6 90 degree adapters to fit the loop comfortably in my case, and another possible 45 for the CPU to GPU block. So any advice on these, or possible revisions would be helpful. thanks in advance.
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    Looks fairly good, though I do wonder about the airflow through the case. With this setup you will be trying to push hot air down, over the motherboard to be exhausted by the side fan.
    I would setup the fans in the stock configuration, only with the 140mm at the back flipped so it intakes cool air for the top rad.

    90 degree adapters wont affect performance in any significant way.
  2. I'd flip the top fans to exhaust, but other than that it looks pretty good.
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  4. Alright sweet, just bought all my fittings and tubing grabbing the rest tomorrow most likely but yeah looking at the chart it looks like those fittings aren't really going to affect my loop.
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