Building my first system and encountered a problem

Hi every1, I am a newbie on this forum so I hope I didnt post this on the wrong section.

Several days ago, I got all parts for my computer and start building

parts are:
cpu: amd phenom II 955
mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P
RAM: OCZ OCZ3P1333LVAM4GK DDR3 PC3-10666 Platinum AMD Edition Memory Module
gpu: sapphire ati radeon5770
hd: wd black cavaliar 7200rpm

I assemble everything, start up computer. It works alright. I install windos7 64 bit, everything still alright. I install my game and start playing, then after a while, I keep getting sudden hang and restart. Then after thinking for a while, I guess that there must be some problem with the RAM. I go to and download a memory test software and run it. yes it gave me some error. I use amazon and ask for exchange. I got the exchange even before I return my ram, so right now I have 4 stick of 2gb ram. I install the new ram and the software still shows error and I have ensure all ESD precaution is taken on the second install. I call ocz tech service and they told me to test the ram one by one, and also try at different dimm slot. I try and all gave me an error. The error include: error message from the software saying "memory address xxxx to xxxx cant store value properly", suddenly monitor turn grey and freeze, suddenly monitor turn blue and then restart.

Then I thought maybe something to do with bios setting, I have tried the auto setting and 7-7-7-20, 16.6v and both still give me an error.

as you can see my tech knowledge arent very deep and I have run out of any idea of what might be wrong, the ocz tech guy says that my mobo is at fault, but I hope that isnt the case. I really appreciate any help or idea that I can have

Thank you.
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  1. What speed are you running the memory modules at? 1066 or 1333 MHz? I presume that you meant 1.65V.
  2. I do not change the clock, leave it as default and it say "memory clock: x5.22 1066Mhz"

    and for the voltage, i mean 1.66volt, there is no 1.65 among the voltage that I can choose, only 1.64 and 1.66
  3. It should definitely work at 1066 MHz. The motherboard could be defective, but the OCZ RAM might not be compatible. Is it on the QVL?
  4. The OCZ tech guys says that the ram and the mobo is compatible, so there should be no problem form that one. Yes I am aware that the motherboard may be the problem, but it is one problem that I dont really want to happen because it means that I need to disassemble the whole unit. I am trying and hoping for other possibilities.
  5. Though not likely at fault, the CPU also happens to be the memory controller. Why don't you run the RAM at the rated speed?
  6. Try running the RAM at the lowest speed and highest timings it will allow, at 1.64V, and see if it still gives you errors.

    Also run Prime95 to check for CPU stability.

    If the RAM fails and the CPU Passes then it's the motherboard.

    EDIT: What power supply are you using? Lack of power could cause a crash when gaming.
  7. I am fully aware that cpu is very prone to ESD and therefore has done my best during the installation to make sure not damage the cpu. Of course I am not saying I am 100% sure but the odds is very low.

    run the ram at rated speed, you mean at 1333mhz? if the memory can't run stable at lower speed, I dont see why it is possible for it to run stable at higher speed. If you dont mind, can you explain a little bit. Thank you


    ry running the RAM at the lowest speed and highest timings it will allow, at 1.64V, and see if it still gives you errors.

    I am not sure but isnt 1066 the lowest speed in ddr3? 1066, 1333, and 1600. If so the I am using the lowest timing
    highest timing that is in the spec of the ram is 7-7-7-20 and that is exactly what I am using right now.

    power supply: Coolmax 700W Nvidia Certified Sli Modular Design Power Supply
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    I would replace that OCZ ram, its is very known to cause a lot of problems. I'm pretty sure that's going to be your problem.

    Get this instead.
  9. Let see,

    GhislainG's idea: changing the ram to the rated speed doesnt work
    I have check the cpu, and it reports that the cpu is stable.

    whitefang's idea sounds plausible but I dont have money right now, unless if I return my ram first and it will take several days to week before I can test it again.

    Still looking for other possibilities, any idea is welcome.
  10. If the RAM won't work at the rated speed and if it isn't totally compatible, there isn't much else that you can do other than get better RAM or a motherboard that's known to work well with your RAM.
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